Friday, April 28, 2006

First Wedding of 2006: Arista Sims Kiffney

Arista's wedding was this past weekend in Savannah, Georgia. Moe and I flew down on Friday and met up with Lori to form the single girl's posse. Because Mike (the groom) has NO SINGLE FRIENDS. That's right, every dude at this wedding was married or engaged. But the wedding itself was gorgeous and the reception was a blast. Here are the pics:

This is the square that was next to our hotel. Savannah is an absolutely breathtaking city. Look at that tree!

Here are us gals outside right before the ceremony. The wedding was held in the garden of the Davenport House, one of the restored bed and breakfasts/museums in Savannah.

The forecasters had been calling for severe showers with hail (!!!) all day, and while it did rain in the morning, about an hour before the wedding, the sky cleared up and it was a perfect day for a white wedding (tm Billy Idol). Arista begged and pleaded and got the Davenport House people to move the ceremony back outdoors, per the original plan. They were setting up chairs just minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start! But the garden was beautiful.

Arista being escorted down the aisle by her Dad. *sniffle*

Sharing a laugh with the judge who conducted the ceremony. Arista's hair looked amazing.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kiffney!

I would highly recommend traveling to Savannah. The people are nice and things are cheap! However, DO NOT GO IN THE SUMMER. My GOD it was 90 degrees there in April, I cannot imagine what it is like there in July or August. If I go back, part of my wants to totally dork out and go tour all the "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" sights, or as they call it in Savannah, "The Book" and "The Movie."

United Airlines Flight Attendant Quote of the Day: "I will soon dim the lights to enhance the appearance of your flight crew." HA! Best steward ever!

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Sri said...

First of all, what is up with your hair in that picture? You look like a Jersey Girl wannabe. Secondly, I want to go to Savannah and tour MitGoGaE (TM) sites! Fall 2006 - Maggie and Sri Do Savannah XD