Friday, February 17, 2006

What exactly is a triple Salchow?

It's nice to know that I still rate a "miss" on the greeting-o-meter. I scored a "here you go, miss" at the CVS and the Subway. HA! Take that! No ma'am for me!

Caroline and I have finally figured it out. Think of the Ann Rice vampire novels...Louis is to Lestat as Rudy Galindo is to Johnny Weir. As Caroline so eloquently put it, "Johnny Weir is a vampire. He blew through fey, catapulted right over queer, and has become Lestat." Well played, Johnny, well played. The man names his ICE SKATNG CONSTUMES people. Austin Scarlett would be proud.

"I'm a swan, wheeeee!"

But please don't get me wrong. I love figure skating! It is the one winter Olympic sport I will make sure I don't miss (except for ice dancing, that shit is lame). And Evan Lysacek (who came in fourth, good for him!) is a hottie. And I am almost 80% sure he is straight, so whoo! Last night's competition was interesting, but we were shut out of the medals. There's always next time! And how can you not like Johnny Weir? He's a true character and is always entertaining. So you keep on being yoself Johnny.

Am I the only one who has wondered what is the difference between all those skating jumps? No? Good.

PS: My overuse of caps seems to have evolved into an overuse of exclamation points. You would think I was a teeny bopper from reading this post. Yikes.

Mom's Quote of the Day: "Curling really is an awesome sport. And when else are you going to see men holding brooms?"

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Worst Weekend Ever

It started out nice. Friday night after work Jay, Josh, and I had dinner at the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe located in the basement of the Natural History Museum. The food was excellent, the bar stocked, and the music of the latin jazz variety. After dinner we trooped upstairs for a showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the IMAX. Yes, folks, after traveling all the way to Hampton, Virginia to see this show two months ago, it plays in my very own backyard. But the movie was just as good as it was the first few times I saw it, and the night was enjoyable. As Jay put it, "this is the best three-way date I've ever had." Word.

Then, disaster struck. Disaster in the form of 9 inches of snow dumped upon us. While the snow did not stick to the streets, and began to melt almost immediately, sometime after midnight, the power at my house was knocked out. That's right folks. 2 days with no heat and no electricity. Also known as SUBURBAN HELL. The temperature in the house at night was about 30 degrees (my nose was so cold) and there was nothing to do. Sure I listened to some podcasts, did my nails, read some books (all while huddled in front of the fireplace), I could not venture beyond the fire's heat and light to perform any of the chores I had hoped to get done this weekend. And without the comforting buzz of my electronics, things were quiet. Too quiet.

Mom and I made every excuse to get out of the house--we needed some warm food, there's a good movie playing at the multiplex, I need to drop off some paperwork--nothing could erase the displeasure one feels when forced out of one's home because it is too freaking cold to stay there. Of course, the fact that Mom and I bickered like old women the whole time did nothing to alleviate our troubles.

Finally, around 5:00 Monday evening, the power came back on. The heater pumped out hot air, we could open the refrigerator without fear of spoiling the milk, and I could get my Veronica Mars tape out of the VCR. I am sure the Amish are laughing at our display of wussitude, but come on. We can expect a few simple comforts in this day and age, right?

Mom's Quote of the Day: "It could have been worse, at least nobody got cancer or died this weekend."

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Birthday Hijinks!

Well, it's official. I'm 26 years old. And it feels pretty good. Unlike some people, I don't really mind getting older. Apart from some oh so gentle ribbing by my friends, nothing really bothers me about being 26. Next stop, late 20s! Alight here for marriage and job security. Whoo!

The birthday celebration kicked off Friday night, when I met up with the old school crowd at Chadwicks. I was a) surprised by how many people came out (honestly, it was so sweet) and b) WASTED. Really, it was all Tony's fault. He's the one who ordered me that rum, cranberry juice, butterscoth liqueur monstrosity. Seriously folks stay away from that shit. As I puked (twice!) the following morning, the memory of that butterscoth liqueur haunted me. But, since Tony was kind enough to drive my drunken self home, he's my favorite person ever!

And in true Selvi style, here is a recreation of a conversation from the bar:

Jay: Hey, Margaret, for your birthday I was going to compose you a poem!
Me: Jay, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. What do you mean "was?"
Jay: Well, I couldn't get past the first half.
Me: How did it go?
Jay: Something momma...shit, that's not it....Maggie momma...Jesus, what was it?
Me: Uh...thanks dude.
Jay: So then I just decided to go with a dirty limerick. There once was a girl named Maggie...
Me: Bartender!

Saturday was a girl's night that got whittled down to Arista, myself, and Caroline. But we kicked it slumber party style with cheesburgers, ice cream sundaes, and the Oscar contenders "Center Stage" and "The Cutting Edge." Seriously, two of the best chick flicks ever. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Blockbuster video. Or Target where they can be procured for approximately $4.99. Now THAT'S quality.

Sunday wrapped up the weekend with dinner at Grandma's and my home-made ice cream cake. Good god my family is awesome. And I could not care less that I missed the Super Bowl or it's mediocre commercials because...PUPPY BOWL II!

Now if I could only find people to go see Champions on Ice with my in April. Who can resist Rudy Galindo, the gayest figure skater ever. Don't believe me? Check it:

I mean, how awesome is he? In the Navy indeed.

Oh and mom just came out of the basement from pulling up floor tile and told me "hopefully you will marry money and not have to do this." WORD. Any takers? Dude, I need more rich friends. Oh, yeah and my own place. Although my mom is awesome. Shut it.

Currently reading: "The Dante Club" by Matthew Pearl (good but slow paced and too many maggots, do not read if you can't handle maggots!)

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freaky Links!

Because I love you all I have decided to share these fun links I discovered while "working," or more appropriately put, "while surfing the internet on government time."

Well, this clinches it. Not the holocaust, not volvos, not sauerkraut, but this link cements the Germans as the craziest people EVER. I mean come on, David Hasselhoff? WTF, Germany, WTF?

And remember when Will and Grace was new, and the world was rosy? "Gay people on television?" we scoffed. "What is this craziness of which you speak?" Then the show got stale and it just wasn't as funny. But relive the glory days with this 30 second clip. Just...awesome. Scroll down to the "Oops I Did It Again Dance."