Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ocean City Beach Memoirs

So it's taken me an entire month to get these pictures up and blog about my beach adventures. Suck it up, people. Good stuff is worth waiting for, right?

The story begins several months ago with a series of Friday nights when Doug and I were at our friend Erika's house playing a little Dance, Dance, Revolution. As you do. Erika often has us over for such get-togethers and we all hang out and have fun. And dance, dance! Erika is the mother of an adorable 1.5 year old boy (Brandon). And when cute kids are around, fun will be had!

One day this winter, Carly and I, in our conspiratorial fashion, were chatting about fun things we could do with Erika and Brandon. I mentioned that my friend and former realtor Gloria owns a condo in Ocean City right on the boardwalk and the beach. And would two of us thought, wouldn't it be fun to take Erika and Brandon there? So I sent an email around and received an instant response from Erika that she would love to go and that Brandon had never been to the beach. So the plan was in motion and we were off to the beach come May!

Finally, the day arrived, and after spending 5 or so hours in traffic (grrrr) we arrived at the condo and settled in for a weekend of relaxation. Walking down the boardwalk, watching movies (Doug had never seen The Princess Bride, can you imagine?) playing miniature golf, eating white cheese popcorn (more addictive than heroin), it was a weekend of fun and frolic that was over too quickly.

I know what you're thinking. Less talk, more pictures. Ok, fine. Enjoy!

I hate to say it, but I think Brandon rocks my sunglasses better than I ever could.

Erika and Brandon!

Hey, putting a shirt on is harder than it looks.

Storytime! 5 bucks says it's Baby Beluga.

Kite store!

The carnival at the end of the boardwalk.

Brandon and Erika jam to the boardwalk musicians.

Hey, you would tired too if you walked 5 miles down the boardwalk!

Doug engages in a little kite-flying.

Carly and me on the beach.

When playing mini-golf, if the ball doesn't go where you want, just see if mama will let you toss it in. Works for me.

Watch out for the dinosaurs on the course.

Group shot!

Seriously, how cute is this kid?

Let's give it another 15 years before we start driving, ok, Brandon?

In the meantime, skeeball is always a good idea.

Why you gotta stomp the sand castles, Carly? Why?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Car Goes Boom

The bad news: I had an unfortunate run-in with a pillar in a parking garage.

The good news: I got a sweet-ass rental car out of the deal. 2007 Corolla, baby!

So here is the story. Two weeks ago, post-bookclub, I was preparing to drive my Mom back to her place. (Side note: yes, my mom and I are in a bookclub. In fact, I started the bookclub with the express purpose of getting my mom out of the house more and out into society. Bear in mind this was PHA (pre-heart attack)). So we were in the car, in the new parking garage that is built behind my favorite restaurant (Faccia Luna) and the new, very cool, coffeehouse where the bookclub meeting was held.

Picture me and mom in the car. Now picture me trying to convince her to go to Trader Joe's. And her giving me many valid reasons why she doesn't want to go. And then me forgetting there is a pillar on the immediate right side of my car, turning the wheel too far, and scraping against it. Boo.

Therefore, the car (MY car, that I LOVE), is in the shop for a week and half and I get to drive a kickass rental car. But now! My car is fixed! Huzzah!

Insurance quote of the week:

Insurance Agent: "So is there any damage to your car?"
Me: "Yes, there is a scrape and a dent."
Insurance Agent: "And is the pillar ok?"