Monday, October 30, 2006

Operation Sweet Valley High

I'm a big reader, always have been. So imagine my delight when after emptying my storage unit I came across all sixty or so Sweet Valley High novels I greedily absorbed as a fifth and sixth grader. Also, all forty-some Babysitter Club Books.

In an effort to reconnect with my youth, and because I am that big a dork, I have decided to embark on a literary journey and reread all my SVH books. I am now on #13 (they take about an hour to read), and I cannot tell you how surprised I am by what I have discovered. They hold up. The schlooky, melodramatic, soap-operatastic lives of the Wakefield twins actually hold up to close scrutiny 15 years later! The only complaint I really have is how so many things can happen in the space of a year in one town (the Wakefields are permanently juniors in high school). Believe it or not though, the books have excellent continuity with each other, the characters are all fully fleshed out and developed (even the bit players often get their own major storyline down the road), and the writing is pretty darn good.

The one thing I have noticed that has drastically changed is who I root for. As an 11 year old girl, I loved Jessica. The dramatic, flighty, popular, bit of a ho twin. She really doesn't care about anyone but herself, and went with what felt good. I found Elizabeth, the studious nice twin, to be boring. But now! Things have changed! While reading the books now, I pretty much find Jessica to be a meglomaniacal bitch and want Elizabeth to just punch her in the face. Not that it's going to happen, but it would be nice. I can't wait to get to my SVH Thrillers. Where the Wakefield twins solve murders! Angela Lansbury, eat your heart out.

Currently Reading: SVH #13, "Kidnapped!" and "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I can't be losing my reading street cred.

Currently Watching: Heroes. Best new show of the season y'all.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Linkage

Wow, and you thought your Aunt's Ruth's handbag was ugly? Check out these purses, whose inspiration seems to be classic horror films. Truly terrifying!

This game is quite possibly, the cutest and most addicting game I have ever played in my entire life. Even the sound effects are cute! I think I waste about 1.5 hours a day playing; but I made it to level 14!

Who said necrophilia can't be funny?

Want to know where I am going to be August of next year? Right here bitches. But there will be no dressing in costume. That is just a tad bit too far.

For all you law school types, or those with a strange sense of humor who want to learn more about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, I give you this personality test. Here are my results:


You are Rule 20, an important part of the Federal Rules' policy of permissive joinder. You are designed specifically to allow as many parties in an action as can be tried efficiently, and you'll include someone as long as there is some factual overlap between a claim involving them and the rest of the case at hand. You are popular, out-going, and are never far from friends. However, your overly gregarious nature and magnanimous approach do make things a bit crowded--you're the reason that lawsuits are often cluttered with innumerable parties and even more numberous claims for relief. Still, despite the crowds that you attract, you can't argue with the efficiency of getting everything done at once!

So basically, I am a big old party ho. Sweet!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Flo', No Mo'

My furniture hath arrived! WOO! This means no more sitting on the floor for me thanks very much. However, in typical Maggie-land fashion, the furniture people managed to screw something up. Specifically, my recliner. It was supposed to have the dark wood finish, but instead came with the light wood finish. So in my condo of the many dark wooded furnitures, it looks a little goofy. Basically, it just means they will have to order me another chair and let me hang onto this one until it arrives. Stupid layzboy.

In other news, there is much fun stuff coming up this weekend with the Halloween celebrations. Even though I had to bug out of going to Williamsburg with the Selvster for homecoming (I know, I suck) there is much frolicing to be had in the corn maze on Friday night and Arista's holiday bash on Saturday night. Now hopefully the rain will hold off...

Also, standing invite to any and all readers of this blog to come see my new digs and set your ass down on the finest microfiber this side of Arlington!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We'll Always Have Paris

Imagine if you will: 18 yo Maggie. A freshman at college. So innocent, so naive...well, not really. But I remember walking over to the group of dorms affectionately known as "the ghetto" at William and Mary, and seeing a bunch of people sitting outside smoking, dressed in black, and being all hardcore. Could it be? Would these too-cool-for-school befriend chubby geeky Mags? Why yes, they would. Specifically one such person known as JR.

JR hails from West Virginia and is one of the most awesome gay men ever. We ended up being friends first through mutual friends (most notably one awesome Asian named Dennis and one big bitch named David), but then we struck out on our own when we discovered we had many similar intersts. Things like theatre, calling each other cunts, liking my breasts, and talking smack about people when they weren't looking. So JR and I have stayed friends ever since freshman year of college, which is now 8 years ago. I KNOW! Dude, I am getting old.

Anyhoo, JR loves all things French, and he speaks like 5 languages, so despite the fact that he has been working as some kind of financial advisor (an aside--I've known this kid since he was a kind of manic-depressed teenager, and he turned into a confident FINANCIAL ADVISOR. We were having lunch one day and he looked at me and said, "you're a lawyer and I'm a businessman!" and it the weirdest thing ever), JR decided to live in France and takes grad classes.

And all of that was really just a precursor to the story I am about to tell. I was IMing JR one evening, and I asked him, "so what is it like living in France? What are the people like?" And in response he sent me this link. It basically tells you everything you need to know about the French as a people. Enjoy!

Seriously, watch it. It's the best music video ever. Mon Dieu!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cut The Cord

Here I am folks. In my own place. So far so good, although I have no sofa or chair so I am sitting on the floor as we speak. I'm SO glad I spent so much time picking out all these gorgeous throw pillows so I can sit on them on the carpet. Woot!

Living alone has been going swimmingly, except for one teeny tiny incident. After five days of bone-breaking work (especially by my incredible force-of-nature mother), my second night here I had a minor...panic attack. I was just lying there, trying to fall asleep so I could get some rest before work the next morning and I had a freak-out. I am not one usually given to self-doubt, or any doubt, but this was a full-fledged OMFG WHAT AM I DOING? Did I make the right decision? Will I be able to afford this? Will I miss living at home? Why do I feel so guilty about leaving Mom at home alone? But then I told myslef, dude, you are 26. Get over it. Moving out is not that huge a deal.

So here we are! Of course, there are still things to be done. The DVD player is too big for the entertainment center so it sticks out about half a foot and looks really weird. Also, I need to hang drapes and window blinds, finish painting and hanging the cabinets, actually buy some food, and hang all my pictures. But it'll come. Hopefully, along with my freakin couch and chair!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We're Gonna Make Our Dreams Come True...Doing It Our Way!

When it rains, it pours. Although for the first time, this saying is not referring to bad stuff, but to good stuff. On Monday I not only closed on my condo (I’m a homeowner!!) but also got a promotion at work at an accompanying $10,000 raise. Best week ever!

But these coming days are going to be crazy, so if you are looking for Maggie, you’re basically SOL. I am working this week, taking Friday off, and spending the morning painting the new place. Then I am skipping off to Reston for Hehe’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Then on Saturday is her big day! I’m really excited for her, but also distracted by all the condo stuff, so I now I feel bad about being distracted and not being more excited for her. Sunday will be dedicated to finishing up the painting and cleaning the kitchen cabinets (they are covered in grease). My move-in day is next Monday, October 9, and my furniture is being delivered the next day! So basically, the next week is INSANE. In the membrane.

In honor of my new place I have made a list of the top 10 things that are great about living by yourself:

1) You don’t have to call your Mom to record Lost for you when you forget to tape it; you have your very own DVR that remembers to do it for you!

2) You can eat as much Mac and Cheese as I want and nobody can give me (I mean, you!) crap for it.

3) You can burp/fart/sneeze/cough etc. whenever you want.

4) There is nobody there to give you the stinkeye when you come home with another shoe store shopping bag.

5) You have more….private time with yourself (wink wink nudge nudge).

6) All the hot water is for me!

7) Doing laundry at 3 in the morning only inconveniences yourself.

8) Nobody moves your stuff around after you have placed it somewhere. Which means you can find it when you need it. Hopefully.

9) 3 closets, all for MEEEEE!

10) Clothing is optional.