Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We'll Always Have Paris

Imagine if you will: 18 yo Maggie. A freshman at college. So innocent, so naive...well, not really. But I remember walking over to the group of dorms affectionately known as "the ghetto" at William and Mary, and seeing a bunch of people sitting outside smoking, dressed in black, and being all hardcore. Could it be? Would these too-cool-for-school befriend chubby geeky Mags? Why yes, they would. Specifically one such person known as JR.

JR hails from West Virginia and is one of the most awesome gay men ever. We ended up being friends first through mutual friends (most notably one awesome Asian named Dennis and one big bitch named David), but then we struck out on our own when we discovered we had many similar intersts. Things like theatre, calling each other cunts, liking my breasts, and talking smack about people when they weren't looking. So JR and I have stayed friends ever since freshman year of college, which is now 8 years ago. I KNOW! Dude, I am getting old.

Anyhoo, JR loves all things French, and he speaks like 5 languages, so despite the fact that he has been working as some kind of financial advisor (an aside--I've known this kid since he was a kind of manic-depressed teenager, and he turned into a confident FINANCIAL ADVISOR. We were having lunch one day and he looked at me and said, "you're a lawyer and I'm a businessman!" and it the weirdest thing ever), JR decided to live in France and takes grad classes.

And all of that was really just a precursor to the story I am about to tell. I was IMing JR one evening, and I asked him, "so what is it like living in France? What are the people like?" And in response he sent me this link. It basically tells you everything you need to know about the French as a people. Enjoy!

Seriously, watch it. It's the best music video ever. Mon Dieu!

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