Friday, October 28, 2005

Celebrity Sightings of the "Boston Public" Kind

I'm sitting in the Corner Bakery on 15th Street with my co-workers, enjoying a delicious chicken ceasar salad, when my eyes wander the room. A few tables over a man is standing up and putting on his coat. I do a doubletake. Hey, it's that guy! You know, the one from that tv show Boston Public, the one who played one of the nerdy fanboys for Rosie O'Donnell in A League of Their Own, and one of the guy who bit the big one in Hollow Man (god bless Kevin Bacon). I didn't know the Hey! It's that guy's name...but a short trip to IMDB supplied it: Joey Slotnick. Don't know who I mean? Here's a pic:

Yes, ladies and gents, I spotted a movie star. Not a big movie star, but a movie star nonetheless. Now if I can just catch a glimpse of Nicole Kidman, who is currently starring in a movie called The Visiting set here in DC. I think I will tell her to eat a sandwich. Girl is looking ROUGH!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Homecoming Hijinks

While it has only been six months since my departure from Williamsburg, I felt a burning urge to return. And that's not just the herpes talking. HAHA. (awkward silence) Ahem. Anyway...I actually really wanted to swing a four day workweek and I figured Homecoming was as good a reason as any.

So I took the day off on Friday and headed down to the Burg. I went to the band concert, oh excuse me, the WIND SYMPHONY concert. The band sounded good, got to see some old school peeps, and got to flirt with the new cute jew-boy conductor. Ruh-roh!

Selvster and I then headed over to karaoke at the Ho House where I performed a stunning rendition of Lady Marmalade. But the real coup was getting Mike Zuk and Andrew Gordon up there to sing American Pie. For rock stars, they sure are giant pussies.

On Saturday I headed to Norfolk (we don't drink, we don't smoke, nor fuck nor fuck!) to see JR! Wheeee JR! We have been friends since freshman year. It was so weird. He looked at me, I looked at him and he said, "Margaret, I'm a financial advisor and you're a lawyer. When did that happen?" I am right there with you dude. Time flies. When did I get old? Whatever...I am still awesome.

Saturday night was less successful. I hung out with high-school friend Adam and I have a feeling things there are fizzling out. When he asked me "so why did you call me?" I think the gloss is off the relationship. I am turning over a new leaf...I can no longer put forth all the effort to keep in touch with people. I am too tired and have too many things to worry about to handle other people's lame shit. Seriously. Those of who whom I stay in touch with know who you are. know my number so freakin call it sometime. I cannot. do. everything.

And I am sick of users. You know, people who only talk to you when they need something. Grow up and get over yourself.

Oh, yeah Homecoming. I forgot. Sunday was great because I got to have brunch with Beth and go to the outlet mall. Yay! Big Apple Bagel, how I missed you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You Can Never Go Back

I realize I have only been out of school for 6 months. But you must realize I spent 7 years there (undergrad + law school) so I have a couple ties to good old Williamsburg. Therefore, this weekend, I embark on the adult rite of passage known as: HOMECOMING.

No, I will not be attending the football game. I went to a football game at my high school last weekend and that was weird enough. Seriously, Josh and Caroline are the most awesome people ever for going with me. So I will not be attending the football game, but I will attend the band concert (yes, I am that much of a nerd), and I will go boozing at the local watering holes.

But the best part of homecoming?? Seeing my friends again! I was just informed last night Carl would be coming back (squeeee!), I am driving to VA Beach to see J.R. on Saturday, and of course the bridge peeps Beth, Selvi, and (maybe) Pete. And my fav piano player Mr. Gordon.

So yay for seeing old friends again, braggin about passing the bar and finding a job, and thanking GOD I never have to give William and Mary more money. Although I might pay that 10 dollar IT bill. I'm thinking about it.

So maybe you can't go back, but who really wants to? They may have been glory days, but they aren't THE glory days. There will be more to come. Sometimes it's just nice to go back and reminisce. And then come home and not have to worry about having quarters for the laundry machine. Quarters are strictly for downtown parking now. Does this make me an adult?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Captain, There Be Pandas Here!

Good God. Why am I obsessed with this panda cub!?? I check the panda cam (yes, there is a panda cam) about 4 times a day. And you know what? That damn panda is always curled up in a little ball of cuteness and sleeping. That's the life. Of course, I wouldn't want to curl up in a den covered with my own feces like I am sure he does, but you get my drift.

And then I find out from Caroline the San Diego Zoo just had a baby panda too. Apparently, they found out their female giant panda was preggers the same week our panda was born. Whatever San Diego. Our panda is so much cuter. In fact, our panda could kick you panda's ASS.

Friday, October 14, 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Meaning my posts will be much more light-hearted! Everything I was stressing over has come and gone, and there is nothing but clear skies ahead.

To Do List

Get job: check

Start job: check

Pass Bar: check


As part of my new outlook, I have decided to include in my blog things that make me happy. My newest obsession? Looking at the pics of the new baby panda at the National Zoo. For example:

And this one:

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

You might also want to check out this site:

What's better than dogs dressed in bee outfits? NOTHING.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dude, I Totally Passed the Bar!

Finally, after all those months of anticipation the moment of truth has come. I passed the bar! I am not a complete waste of space after all. And the best part, all my friends passed too! Now there will be no Un!Comfortable! moments followed by the inevitable awkward.

Here's a quick recap of the day's events:

Last night 10:55pm: Turn off my light and "try" to sleep. Stomach starts churning and I resist the urge to puke. How the hell am I going to sleep? Eventually exaustion wins out and I'm out.

2:00am: I dream of scrolling down the online list of who passes and find my name is not there. Noooooooo!

3:47am: I wake up with a start. My heart is beating like it could break my chest (yes, that was a Spike shout-out). I look at the clock and wonder how I am going to get back to sleep. Again, exaustion wins out.

5:55am: My alarm clock goes off and (again) wake with a start. D day is here!

5:57am: I check the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners website in the vain hope something has been posted. Nope.

8:00am: Arrive at work and check the website, no luck.

8:01am-12:00pm. Check the website every 20-30 minutes. No dice. At this point I am very nervous, nah, I am TOTALLY WIGGING OUT.

12:25pm: I break out in an itchy rash. Lovely.

1:22pm: On my way to drop a case off for the judge I check the website one more time. Holy shit, the results are up! pulse starts racing, I frantically scroll down to the Rs...where is my name?? THERE IT IS, I PASSED!!!!!

1:23pm: Call everyone I know and tell them. Followed by running around the office telling everyone I see. They don't seem too thrilled, clearly, they took the Maryland Bar which everyone knows is easier. Slackers.

5:30pm: Get home. Mom bought me cookies!!

7:30: I go to Moe's house to drink champagne, eat chinese food, and congratulate my fellow test takers. Yay for us!

And that draws to an end what could have been one of the crappiest days in my life. Instead, it was one of the best. All that hard work paid off!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Kid in Town

So now all the worrying can come to an end, because the new job has officially begun! And, once again, it is one of those circumstances where I wonder why I was so wigged out and I know everything will turn out fine. At least this is my positive attitude for the next 5 days until the Virginia bar exam results are released. YEEEEE!

So here I am at my new job at the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Board of Appeals. What is it I do? Well, thank you for asking. Here is the official breakdown of what in the hell are they paying me for?

Imagine you are a veteran. Even though you are a total pussy and would never be in combat, just for the sake of argument, you're a veteran. And say 20 years after service you develop a condition, an injury, or some disease that you think might be related to service. So you apply through you regional office for benefits from the injury. The VA (Veteran's Affairs) will give benefits if a condition is service related or if it's a pre-existing condition that is aggravated by service. If there is no proof of an injury incurred during service or it was not aggravated the Regional Office will deny the benefits. The veteran can then appeal the decision to me. I review the claim file (inlcuding all medical records) all over again and make a new determination. I work for one of the VA judges, so after I make a determination and write up a decision, my judge will either sign off or kick it back for changes. So that's what I do!

I share an office with four other people, but it's huge and we each have our own cubicles which are large and have walls high enough that you can't see over them. I think I need a plant. And I need to bring in some pics. Make it more homey. It's weird because this is the first office space I have had which is going to last longer than a summer. It's like...a permanent thing now. Yikes, fear of commitment kicking in! I have a fear of commitment of my cubicle. Man, I am so messed up.

So, yay for my new job! I get my first paycheck in two weeks. Then it will really be time to celebrate. Too bad I have to pay off that credit card, pay off my student loans and save up for a condo.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Chronicles of a Freaked Out Person

They say in the Springtime a young man's mind turns to thoughts of I guess in the Falltime a young woman's mind turns to thoughts of love. It makes sense I guess. Fall for me means a time of harvesting, nesting, baking pies (yum pie!), wrapping yourself in toasty layers, etc. Maybe it's the nesting instinct, or maybe it's because this is the first time I haven't had school hanging over me, but my mind has definitely turned to thoughts of love.

Or more specifically, the lack thereof. I mean, come on people. I see some ugly people out there who have gotten married. And not just ugly on the outside, but ugly on the inside. There are mean people who are happily married. And yet, I'm not totally heinous and I think I am kinda fun, so what the fuck? Can a girl get some snuggles??

ANYWAYS, I had another weird anxiety dream last night. This one I had to walk across a broken mirror and then I was picking huge shards of glass out of my foot bottoms ala Bruce Willis in Die Hard. My subconscious is so. fucked. up. According to a dream dictionary :

To see your own feet in your dream, symbolizes your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. To see broken glass in your dream, signifies a change in your life.

I guess this makes sense. A new job = shaken foundations and change. But EW! Could my subconscious please learn to express itself in a less scary and gross manner? Seriously dude. Because it appears not only am I horny, but also have a sicko subconscious. Thanks a bunch brain.