Friday, October 28, 2005

Celebrity Sightings of the "Boston Public" Kind

I'm sitting in the Corner Bakery on 15th Street with my co-workers, enjoying a delicious chicken ceasar salad, when my eyes wander the room. A few tables over a man is standing up and putting on his coat. I do a doubletake. Hey, it's that guy! You know, the one from that tv show Boston Public, the one who played one of the nerdy fanboys for Rosie O'Donnell in A League of Their Own, and one of the guy who bit the big one in Hollow Man (god bless Kevin Bacon). I didn't know the Hey! It's that guy's name...but a short trip to IMDB supplied it: Joey Slotnick. Don't know who I mean? Here's a pic:

Yes, ladies and gents, I spotted a movie star. Not a big movie star, but a movie star nonetheless. Now if I can just catch a glimpse of Nicole Kidman, who is currently starring in a movie called The Visiting set here in DC. I think I will tell her to eat a sandwich. Girl is looking ROUGH!

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