Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hall-O-My God I'm a Real Lawyer!

This Halloween, in addition to the usual sugar buzz and hijinks, I had the (dubious) honor of being sworn in as a member of the Virginia State Bar. Wow. So, like, I'm legal and shit. If you get in trouble call me! *thumbs up sign*

The dream team, consisting of Josh, Will, Caroline, and myself, loaded up in the car and drove to Richmond on Monday morning. We then stood around for an hour. Then we sat for an hour and were talked to. And then we sat for another hour while they read the names of everyone being sworn in. EVERYONE. All 950 names. Imagine your high school graduation, the really boring part, and imagine it lasting forever. We played tic tac toe, hangman, even MASH (all the girls know that one). We then stood up and said "I do" after the clerk read the 30 second oath. Seriously, to quote Xander, "big orchestra, little show." And that was it!

We then all gathered at the Casa Riley for some Halloweeniness. I had just purchased the collector's edition of Evil Dead 2 (awesome!) and we passed out candy to all the little rugrats. Seriously though, a bunch of these kids would just stand there and hold out their plastic pumpkins with this expectant look. And I was like, "are you gonna say it?" and then they would mumble "trick-or-treat." You got to WORK for candy at my house, I'm not going to just give it out willy nilly. Especially not the kit kats. MINE!

Thankfully, there were no injuries even though we gave Will the knives to carve the pumpkin. And Caroline had already sliced her arm open the day before so the obligatory blood quotient for the holiday had been met. All in all a successful halloween. One of my favorite holidays. I never thought I would say it, but I am kinda chocolate-outed. So much sweet food! Impending sugar coma....ghargh....

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