Friday, November 18, 2005

Bitch Going Down!

Caroline and I have this ritual. Wednesday nights Veronica Mars is on UPN and I watch it at my Dad's. When I come home Caroline has left my multiple instant messages about the show and what happened. Then we fight for about 30 minutes over who gets to have Logan as her sex slave. Here is a sample:

(some helpful hints--Logan is Veronica's ex-boyfriend on the show played by Jason Dohring, Duncan is her current (not hot) boyfriend whom we call Donut, and Dean is a smokin guy on Supernatural played by Jensen Ackles-oh and Caroline gets scared of Supernatural so she blockes the tv with a pillow-what a pussy)

dissident1L: also, i am in love with jason dorhing
RedMomma3: I have been in lvoe with him since last year
dissident1L: oh, man.
dissident1L: yeah. caroline lurrrrrrves logan
RedMomma3: he is so hot
RedMomma3: and so funny
dissident1L: like, his muscles, in that dip-dyed shirt?
dissident1L: be still my heart.
dissident1L: and no pit stains!
RedMomma3: ok, yeah, but ugliest sweatshirt ever
dissident1L: but the muscles
RedMomma3: yeah he is ripped
RedMomma3: he just has HUGE upper arms
RedMomma3: it's awesome
dissident1L: YES. YES IT IS.
RedMomma3: I think he worked out over the summer
dissident1L: he totally did!
RedMomma3: they probably told him he would have towel scenes
dissident1L: i melt in the face of upper arms like his
dissident1L: once dated a drummer -- ruined me for everyone else.
dissident1L: ...but logan
dissident1L: HAHAH
dissident1L: MORE TOWEL!LOGAN!!
RedMomma3: and on SN too....shirtless JENSEN!
RedMomma3: OMG
dissident1L: haha
RedMomma3: shirtless Jensen and Logan together!!!
RedMomma3: (swoon)
dissident1L: see, harder to get behind that b/c ... can't watch the show
RedMomma3: yes, you can
RedMomma3: you must concentrate on the pretty
dissident1L: Pillow of Fear
dissident1L: not that hot
RedMomma3: I love the pillow of fear
RedMomma3: that was awesome
dissident1L: see, i can't focus on the pretty
RedMomma3: Moe even watched it
RedMomma3: if she can watch it, so can you
dissident1L: she is stronger than i
RedMomma3: she IMed me this evening
RedMomma3: she was like "omg I was so scared but Dean was so hot"
dissident1L: hahaha
dissident1L: see, this is the beauty of logan -- all the hottness, none of the fear
RedMomma3: whatever
RedMomma3: I hate to say it
RedMomma3: but I think Dean is hotter
RedMomma3: and more badass
RedMomma3: but Logan was my first true love
dissident1L: DUDE.
dissident1L: dean is all yours
dissident1L: i claim logan
dissident1L: even if he is a minor
dissident1L: he's emancipated!!
dissident1L: fair game!!
dissident1L: and... when did they get emancipated exactly?
RedMomma3: he is not a minor
RedMomma3: he's really married
RedMomma3: and I had him first
dissident1L: yeah. he has a kid.
RedMomma3: I get him and Dean
dissident1L: you've got dean!!
RedMomma3: you can have Donut
dissident1L: NO
dissident1L: LOGAN IS MINE
RedMomma3: whatever bitch
dissident1L: donut is gross
RedMomma3: I destroy you
dissident1L: you can have dean AND the other one
RedMomma3: pish
RedMomma3: more like talons
RedMomma3: ok, I am going to go to bed
dissident1L: I WILL END YOU
dissident1L: okay.
RedMomma3: we can continue this on Friday
dissident1L: sweet dreams!
dissident1L: HAHA
RedMomma3: bitch, I will leave you in the maze
dissident1L: or, tomorrow over e-mail
dissident1L: FEAR THE PILLOW
dissident1L: MWAH HAH HAH
RedMomma3: I own the pillow
RedMomma3: the pillow is my bitch!
dissident1L: yeah, but i own the pillow
dissident1L: the pillow is MINE
dissident1L: i got the trademark on that shit!!
RedMomma3: the original pillow of fear was all MINE
RedMomma3: in fact, I am looking at it right now
RedMomma3: oh, SNAP
dissident1L: your pillow was NOTHING. I made it the Pillow of FEAR
RedMomma3: your pussy attitude made it so
dissident1L: I CREATED IT
RedMomma3: Logan could never be with such a pussy
RedMomma3: he needs a real woman
dissident1L: ... do i have to even fill in that blank?
dissident1L: HAH
RedMomma3: I think I need to save this conversation
RedMomma3: it is too funny not to share
dissident1L: he needs someone to appreciate his biceps
dissident1L: HAHA

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Sri said...

Just wanted to let you know ... that IM conversation was so not worth my time or effort. Which, of course, does not explain why I created a profile on blogspot in order to say so. Bugger.