Sunday, November 13, 2005


I was in the devil's bookstore the other day (a.k.a Barnes and Noble) and I walked past one of the self-help display tables. And I had a thought ("a dangerous past-time, I know"). It was a book about relationships and how the lack of a poor father figure, blah blah bleepidy boo. Could my lack of a long-term relationship be due to the example of my parents who have been divorced since I was one year old?

Hmmm. Food for thought. After all, I didn't really had an example of a normal relationship in my formative years. Grandparents had been widowed, parents divorced, crazy Aunt married three times, etc. My Dad is now happily remarried, but let's face it, they are both weird. So how much stock should I put in the example set by my family with my current relationship woes?

I usually adhere to the philosophy that people make their own destinies. And I think while it is telling I haven't had a good example of a lasting couple in my youth, I can't help but say, so what? Screw that, I'm not going to let my parents' mistakes fuck me over. So what if I have trust issues? So what if I haven't had a relationship last longer than a few dates? WHATEVER psychobabble. If Tom Cruise thinks you are full of shit, that's good enough for me!

PS: Tom Cruise is also crazy and should not be trusted when making personal choices.

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lol, like ur style! I'm at if u wanna drop by.. feel free to comment and stuff