Monday, November 28, 2005

Does This Make Me A Toys-R-Us Kid?

I officially have the emotional capabilities of a 12 year old. My first tip-off? I go to a party and talk to a guy. Am I interested? I dunno. But then I see him talking to some other chick. Oh, no he DIDN'T! Bitch, you better STEP OFF. See, I only like him when I see him talking to someone else. This = immature.

Another clue presented itself this morning at work. While writing up a decision for a case dealing with a low back disability I write the sentence, "the veteran experiences morning stiffness and exacerbation when coughing and sneezing." After writing "morning stiffness," I dissolve into giggles prompting co-workers to inquire after my sanity. See? But come on, "morning stiffness??" How's a girl supposed to let that go.

And finally, my Harry Potter addiction. Whenever the new movie comes out, I always go into this HP mode where I must rewatch all the other movies and read the books. I need help people. But not as much help as this person. But I can't deny it, Dan Radcliffe is turning into a hottie.

See??!? Emotional capacity of a 12 YEAR OLD!

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Jennifer said...

I raced home today, hoping to get your witty and insightful review of the latest movies....I'm so disappointed. You have seen the new HP movie at least twice and no dishing about it? Sad Sad Sad. I was all set to dish about RENT. (Which my good natured hubby took me to see, despite him referring to it as the AIDS, AIDS, AIDS-AIDS Play. Silly Boy.) Update your blog!!!!
You know, you forced me to watch so many HP movies, that I find myself curiously compelled to see this one...darn you!!!