Monday, December 05, 2005

Road Rules

This weekend marked a seminal event. Selvi's birthday! So us NOVA folk packed our bags and hit the road to celebrate in the most nerd-worthy fashion we could think of. Road trip to see Harry Potter on the IMAX, of course!

Saturday started off well. Chris, Kent, and Hehe all arrived. I (foolishly) volunteered to drive and we headed out of town. No traffic, thank the Lord. We then reached Richmond and grabbed the Selvster. Chris had made reservations in Williamsburg, since you know, it's cheap, and we checked into our sketchy yet affordable hotel around 6. Chris and I pretended to be a couple so they would think there were only two people staying in the room (in fact there were 5) and the equally sketchy and probably affordable twenty-something desk clerk chatted us up. And called me a trophy wife. Yay! And yet, hey! We dodged the time share salesman and quickly made it our room.

Then came the inevitable trip to mongolian. Best chinese food ever. Although, I now know way too much about everyone's bowels. It seemed every conversation we had this weekend was about someone bowels. Except for this one:

Selvi: Maggie, will you marry me?
Me: Hehe, how do you say, "Where's my ring cuntface" in Chinese?
Hehe: I don't know how to say "ring."
Selvi: (hysterical laughter)
Me: I'm putting that on my blog.
Selvi: You can't because I'm putting it on MY blog.
Me: Fine, then I'm putting THIS on my blog.

So take THAT Selvi! I'm the alpha female!

Us girls then made our way to the Green Leafe where we were hit on by the inevitable drunken sailors. Who ordered 7 martinis before getting kicked out. So we had free martinis! WOOHOO! Which would have been a lot better if any of us liked martinis *sob*

The next morning, we were Harry Potter bound. Which meant more driving, this time to Hampton. We were first in line (although we only got there 40 minutes early). This prompted one fellow movie-goer to inquire, "what time did you guys get here?" And we were all, whatever. We've only been here for 20 minutes. So fuck off.

Here's another conversational gem:

Me: Maybe we should go get our drinks now, before they open the doors.
Chris: But what if they open them as soon as we leave?
Me: The others will save us a spot though.
Chris: But I want a say in where we sit.
Me: Well, why don't you just...
Kent: This is Harry Potter people! GET IT TOGETHER!

Woah there Kent. I had no idea he was such a fan. Or maybe he was mocking us. Probably the later.

3 hours later, we emerged from the darkened six story theatre. Yo, that movie kicks so much ass. If you haven't seen it, go. It's the shit. And Dan Radcliffe is awesome. Dan, call me!

After the long drive home, I was pooped (ick, one more bowel joke!). But it was a weekend well spent. And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELVI!

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Sri said...

Thanks for the B-day wishes, by the way ... I can't wait for your holiday party :D