Monday, December 19, 2005

Not The Usual Kegger

This past Saturday night I began what will hopefully become a new holiday tradition: the Maggie Holiday Party! I tried to make it a but classy, and I must say, I had no idea my friends could clean up so nice. Especially Jim with the sweater/collared shirt/tie combo. Nice!

The house looked gorgeous and the only thing that was sacrificed to the party gods was an everyday dinner plate. That I knocked over. Without realizing it. Although I swear Selvi was involved. *shakes fist* She's always out to get me!

My only complaint? My law school friends, whom I love to death, shut themselves into the den and didn't mingle at all. Except Caroline, but she drank a whole bottle of wine in like the first 10 minutes so it might have been subconscious socializing. It wouldn't have been a big deal that the lawyers didn't go talk to the other guests, except a lot of them (the other guests) mentioned they thought it was kind of rude and made them feel unwelcome. So I had to play the "I swear they are nice people!" role, which is of course a true statement, but whatcha gonna do. Despite this, everyone had a good time and ate all the food, thank god.

So people, one more year until my next classy par-tay. Until then, I promise to throw the typical low brow, beer swiggin, shindig we are all used to. But it's kind of nice to pretend we are all grown-up for one night out of the year.

Now if only Michale Buble would get his cute Canadian ass onto the Radio Music Awards I could go to bed happy. Damn you Canada!

PS: Goo Goo Dolls get the hell off my tv. You are so 1998.

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