Tuesday, December 20, 2005

5, 4, 3, oh who the fuck cares?

So. New Years is approaching. I gotta admit, I'm not a big New Years fan. Why you may ask?

1) It's always a letdown. You prep all night for this one moment and then it comes and is gone and it's just like every other moment! Lame.

2) I feel old. In the words of Dumbledore, "Another year....gone." I don't feel old on my birthdays, but I tend to get a wee bit depressed on New Years. I never feel like I have accomplished anything the previous year, and it always seems like the coming year will be more of the same.

3) Forced drinking and making out. Neither of which I am opposed to. But there's all this pressure on New Years to get wasted and kiss someone! And then if you don't do either of those two, it's like you failed. Stop pressuring me Dick Clark! STOP IT I SAY!

I am looking forward to going to Keith and Virginia's on New Years Eve and seeing all my law school peeps. But, I'll have to try to not be blue. I get the New Years Eve blues! In fact, this will be what I look like:

Seriously, how awesome is that picture? You can find the cutest pictures known to man at www.cuteoverload.com

Don't believe me? Try this one on for size:

OMG I think I will fall out of my chair and die from cuteness. I feel better already! Bring it on New Years Eve!

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