Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All I Want for Christmas is Veronica Mars

Y'all know I am a level-headed person. Ok, so maybe level-headed is not the best word to describe me...how about occasionally prone to rational thought? Anyhoo, call me crazy, but all I wanted this holiday was Veronica Mars Season 1 on DVD. AND I GOT IT.

As Linus pointed out, the true meaning of Christmas is remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. BOOOORING. The true meaning of Christmas is seeing family, reconnecting with friends, and getting loot. Not that I am materialistic. To quote Mr. Bill, "oooh noooo." But since I am so poor, I am dependent on the holidays to get me all the shit I can't afford myself. Those true necessities like the Dooney and Burke bag my mom gave me (!!!!). And Veronica Mars.

Because it really is the best show ever. EVER. Unfortunately, not that many people are watching it. It's on a semi-network (UPN) and so a lot of people discount it. But it's not too late! Season 1 is on DVD. So get it, watch it, and then the show will get picked up for more seasons and my future happiness will be assured.

But I must have other amusing stories about the holidays, right? Let's see...my brother Bill threw out his back lifting my Dad's 80 lb. christmas gift (it was a sander). Men. My mom has been walking on air since both her children have returned to the nest. My Dad feels bad about the sander incident and has been *gulp* nice since my brother got back.

Although I have to admit, my thoughts have been with my friends who have even more dysfunctional families. Stay strong you guys! This too shall pass.

Now if I can only make it to New Years! See my previous post....

PS: I think my use of caps in these posts is getting out of hand. I may need an intervention.

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