Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Boss Has A Sense of Humor

I just had the most awesome email conversation with my judge that began with a typo in one of my decisions. Basically, instead of calling him a "Veterans Law Judge," I said he was an "Acting Veterans Law Judge." Here are the emails in conversation form:

Him: I almost missed it. You demoted me to Acting Veterans Law Judge status on the decision I just signed. Are you trying to tell me something?

Me: Uh, whoops. I think that is from when I was writing for all those Actings last week. Or, I am sending a subtle subliminal signal that you should well walk softly stranger....nah. Just a whoops!

Him: Make sure you never identify Nancy as an Acting Veterans Law Judge. There is no telling what adverse consequences might result.

Me: I sometimes feel that she could destroy me with just the power of her mind.

Him: You are so right.

Monday, August 28, 2006

It's Mine!

Condo update: I got one!

It's located on the top floor of a high-rise in West Alexandria and has the most magnificent view. Pics will be forthcoming but blogger is taking far too long to load them right now. But yay for having my own place!

Monday, August 21, 2006

This Is Getting Out Of Hand

My weirdness is reaching all new levels. In fact, I think I may need an intervention. My normal 10:00 a.m. snack is trail mix (it's so delicious!), but the best part of trail mix is making sure you get the right mix of nuts, raisins, and chocolate pieces per bite. So I have started dumping about a handful of trailmix on my desk, and then dividing it into bite-size potions. This allows me to ensure that each bite-size portion has the correct ratio of nuts-raisins-chocolate.

I think I need help.

Is it normal for people to be this OCD regarding their food? I mean, are there people who can just reach into the bag and grab a handful of trailmix and eat it? Why don't they worry about getting a handful that is all nuts, or all raisins? I prefer to think that this is the kind of behavior that all people do, but nobody talks about.

Currently Watching Dark Angel (shut up, it has Jensen in it!)

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See, I told you Jensen was hot.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Hunt Continues...

This will be a short post. I put an offer on a condo and they decided to go with someone else. The end.

So the search continues! I know lurking out there is the perfect place for me. I just have to find it. Stay tuned for updates!

Oh, and the "working overtime on the weekends" train keeps rolling. This will be my second weekend in a row doing it. But these weekends will get me: new kitchen cabinets, or a new bathroom floor, or a new dishwasher, etc. etc. So feel free to call/gmail chat this weekend since I will be trapped in the office. SAVE ME!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

She Works Hard For The Money

Due to my current financial situation, meaning that I am shopping for condos and am starting to wig about how I will afford everything I need, I decided to work overtime this weekend. And every weekend. My job has overtime available on the weekends through September 24, and if I work 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, I can make a sizeable chunk of change.

However, working overtime is the suck. Coming in on my days's rough man. But I gotta say, I like working there on the weekends better than on the weekdays. I can drive in and park for free in the garage under the building, I can wear jeans (whoo!), and the office is empty meaning I can cubicle dance and sing along to my Ipod to my heart's delight. But it is still the suck since I would rather be outside enjoying my weekend.

And it hasn't been easy since the weather this weekend has been so gorgeous! Have you been outside at all? My GOD it feels like late September and fall is right around the corner. But I know it is all a clever ruse and more stifling heat is right around the corner. I saw An Inconvenient Truth. I know the end is nigh.

My request for you is that if you see me on gmail this weekend (or any weekend) feel free to distract me since I am pounding away at the keyboard on my precious days off. Come save me!

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Currently Reading: ""Night in the Lonesome October" by Richard Laymon

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Return of the Attack of the Condos!

Remember when I said I was going to sit back and not look at condos for awhile? Yeah, that didn’t really happen. As the DC housing market cools off, and interest rates stop rising, now turns out to be the perfect time to buy, so here I am again. My weekends are full of meetings with my realtor, checking out units, and looking for an affordable couch that won’t fall apart the minute someone sits on it. And, I am already pre-approved for a mortgage up to $250,000!

Right now I have been looking at a lot of one bedroom units, mostly in the Van Dorn area near Landmark Mall, about 20 minutes from where I live now. But Mom wants me to live in a high-rise about 3 minutes from where I live now called River Towers which is slightly pricier because this is the posh side of Alexandria. The units there are actually really nice, but they don’t have balconies, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that. Unless I can get a real bargain in that building, it might not happen.

The front-runner so far is a building called The Wapleton where Duke Street and Pickett intersect, just west of Old Town. Of course, upon hearing the name of the building, my mother says, “Oh! That must be named after Dr. Waple who owned all the land in that area. He ran the El Paw veterinary clinic, which is Waple spelled backwards, and I bet he sold all the land to the developer!” Her knowledge of the Northern Virginia area is really staggering. And not only is she correct, but the El Paw vet is still there and is about 1 block from where I would be living. Nice work Mom! Now shut it.

Also in contention is a fixer-upper unit near the Huntinton Metro with a gorgeous river view and HUGE closets. Always a plus. There are just a ton of units on the market right now, and every place we visit the owners are calling my realtor and asking if I want to make an offer and they are ready to deal. People are getting desperate! And you know the value of these places is never going to go down. They are inside the Beltway for goodness sake! Basically, it’s a really good investment.

Also on the condo newsfront, my Dad has been pressuring me to look at two bedroom places but I figured I couldn’t afford the monthly payments the first couple months by myself. Then I talk to Caroline, who is dying to get out of DC, and she said if I found a good place she would be my roomie! Now, I know I have said I want to live by myself, but how much fun would me and Caroline have? Imagine the hours of tv watching that would get logged in that apartment…it boggles the mind.

So stay tuned for condo updates! I am thinking I’ll be making an offer on a place near the end of this month. So exciting!

Quote of the Day (from my brother):
Bill: Alright, chipmunk. This is your last warning. You come up here again and I'll samurai-sword you!"
Me: What are you talking about?
Bill: The chipmunk eats through my dryer vent from the backyard and crawls up into it and leaves his nuts. The first time was a misunderstanding. The next time is just mean.

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