Monday, August 21, 2006

This Is Getting Out Of Hand

My weirdness is reaching all new levels. In fact, I think I may need an intervention. My normal 10:00 a.m. snack is trail mix (it's so delicious!), but the best part of trail mix is making sure you get the right mix of nuts, raisins, and chocolate pieces per bite. So I have started dumping about a handful of trailmix on my desk, and then dividing it into bite-size potions. This allows me to ensure that each bite-size portion has the correct ratio of nuts-raisins-chocolate.

I think I need help.

Is it normal for people to be this OCD regarding their food? I mean, are there people who can just reach into the bag and grab a handful of trailmix and eat it? Why don't they worry about getting a handful that is all nuts, or all raisins? I prefer to think that this is the kind of behavior that all people do, but nobody talks about.

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See, I told you Jensen was hot.

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Sri said...

Yeah ... that whole trail mix thing? Severely disturbed and borderline OCD. Not at all comparable to my completely healthy practice of sorting M&M's by color and eating all the excess ones until I have the same number in every color. And then continuing to eat them in rainbow order.