Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Kid in Town

So now all the worrying can come to an end, because the new job has officially begun! And, once again, it is one of those circumstances where I wonder why I was so wigged out and I know everything will turn out fine. At least this is my positive attitude for the next 5 days until the Virginia bar exam results are released. YEEEEE!

So here I am at my new job at the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Board of Appeals. What is it I do? Well, thank you for asking. Here is the official breakdown of what in the hell are they paying me for?

Imagine you are a veteran. Even though you are a total pussy and would never be in combat, just for the sake of argument, you're a veteran. And say 20 years after service you develop a condition, an injury, or some disease that you think might be related to service. So you apply through you regional office for benefits from the injury. The VA (Veteran's Affairs) will give benefits if a condition is service related or if it's a pre-existing condition that is aggravated by service. If there is no proof of an injury incurred during service or it was not aggravated the Regional Office will deny the benefits. The veteran can then appeal the decision to me. I review the claim file (inlcuding all medical records) all over again and make a new determination. I work for one of the VA judges, so after I make a determination and write up a decision, my judge will either sign off or kick it back for changes. So that's what I do!

I share an office with four other people, but it's huge and we each have our own cubicles which are large and have walls high enough that you can't see over them. I think I need a plant. And I need to bring in some pics. Make it more homey. It's weird because this is the first office space I have had which is going to last longer than a summer. It's like...a permanent thing now. Yikes, fear of commitment kicking in! I have a fear of commitment of my cubicle. Man, I am so messed up.

So, yay for my new job! I get my first paycheck in two weeks. Then it will really be time to celebrate. Too bad I have to pay off that credit card, pay off my student loans and save up for a condo.

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