Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Flo', No Mo'

My furniture hath arrived! WOO! This means no more sitting on the floor for me thanks very much. However, in typical Maggie-land fashion, the furniture people managed to screw something up. Specifically, my recliner. It was supposed to have the dark wood finish, but instead came with the light wood finish. So in my condo of the many dark wooded furnitures, it looks a little goofy. Basically, it just means they will have to order me another chair and let me hang onto this one until it arrives. Stupid layzboy.

In other news, there is much fun stuff coming up this weekend with the Halloween celebrations. Even though I had to bug out of going to Williamsburg with the Selvster for homecoming (I know, I suck) there is much frolicing to be had in the corn maze on Friday night and Arista's holiday bash on Saturday night. Now hopefully the rain will hold off...

Also, standing invite to any and all readers of this blog to come see my new digs and set your ass down on the finest microfiber this side of Arlington!

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