Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cut The Cord

Here I am folks. In my own place. So far so good, although I have no sofa or chair so I am sitting on the floor as we speak. I'm SO glad I spent so much time picking out all these gorgeous throw pillows so I can sit on them on the carpet. Woot!

Living alone has been going swimmingly, except for one teeny tiny incident. After five days of bone-breaking work (especially by my incredible force-of-nature mother), my second night here I had a minor...panic attack. I was just lying there, trying to fall asleep so I could get some rest before work the next morning and I had a freak-out. I am not one usually given to self-doubt, or any doubt, but this was a full-fledged OMFG WHAT AM I DOING? Did I make the right decision? Will I be able to afford this? Will I miss living at home? Why do I feel so guilty about leaving Mom at home alone? But then I told myslef, dude, you are 26. Get over it. Moving out is not that huge a deal.

So here we are! Of course, there are still things to be done. The DVD player is too big for the entertainment center so it sticks out about half a foot and looks really weird. Also, I need to hang drapes and window blinds, finish painting and hanging the cabinets, actually buy some food, and hang all my pictures. But it'll come. Hopefully, along with my freakin couch and chair!

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