Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Linkage

Wow, and you thought your Aunt's Ruth's handbag was ugly? Check out these purses, whose inspiration seems to be classic horror films. Truly terrifying!

This game is quite possibly, the cutest and most addicting game I have ever played in my entire life. Even the sound effects are cute! I think I waste about 1.5 hours a day playing; but I made it to level 14!

Who said necrophilia can't be funny?

Want to know where I am going to be August of next year? Right here bitches. But there will be no dressing in costume. That is just a tad bit too far.

For all you law school types, or those with a strange sense of humor who want to learn more about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, I give you this personality test. Here are my results:


You are Rule 20, an important part of the Federal Rules' policy of permissive joinder. You are designed specifically to allow as many parties in an action as can be tried efficiently, and you'll include someone as long as there is some factual overlap between a claim involving them and the rest of the case at hand. You are popular, out-going, and are never far from friends. However, your overly gregarious nature and magnanimous approach do make things a bit crowded--you're the reason that lawsuits are often cluttered with innumerable parties and even more numberous claims for relief. Still, despite the crowds that you attract, you can't argue with the efficiency of getting everything done at once!

So basically, I am a big old party ho. Sweet!

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