Thursday, May 08, 2008

Car Goes Boom

The bad news: I had an unfortunate run-in with a pillar in a parking garage.

The good news: I got a sweet-ass rental car out of the deal. 2007 Corolla, baby!

So here is the story. Two weeks ago, post-bookclub, I was preparing to drive my Mom back to her place. (Side note: yes, my mom and I are in a bookclub. In fact, I started the bookclub with the express purpose of getting my mom out of the house more and out into society. Bear in mind this was PHA (pre-heart attack)). So we were in the car, in the new parking garage that is built behind my favorite restaurant (Faccia Luna) and the new, very cool, coffeehouse where the bookclub meeting was held.

Picture me and mom in the car. Now picture me trying to convince her to go to Trader Joe's. And her giving me many valid reasons why she doesn't want to go. And then me forgetting there is a pillar on the immediate right side of my car, turning the wheel too far, and scraping against it. Boo.

Therefore, the car (MY car, that I LOVE), is in the shop for a week and half and I get to drive a kickass rental car. But now! My car is fixed! Huzzah!

Insurance quote of the week:

Insurance Agent: "So is there any damage to your car?"
Me: "Yes, there is a scrape and a dent."
Insurance Agent: "And is the pillar ok?"

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