Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Not a Tumah

Actually, it really isn't a tumor. Yay!

As you probably know, for the past several months, I have been walking with the big C word in my head. As in cancer. As in, my mom might have. While the doctor who performed her first endoscopy at the beginning of this month told us that the mass in her stomach/esophagus looked "completely benign," there were no assurances until we got the biopsy results from a deeper biopsy back.

Well, that endoscopy/biopsy/sonogram was yesterday at Fairfax Hospital. It was conducted by the head of the gastroenterology department ( as my mom put it, "I'm clearly a VIP"). After poking the mass with a needle and seeing fluid come out (eeeew), the doctor determined that it was an esophageal cyst, since tumors are not filled with pus. TMI, I know, but come on, it's good news.

A biopsy was taken, and I guess I should really wait to celebrate until I know those results for sure, but this is very good news, everyone! The doctor said that since it's not a tumor, there were no plans to operate and they would just check up on the cyst every 1-2 years. Woot!


Monkey Sri said...

While I am thrilled to know this, I can't help but wonder at your mother's reaction to you posting this information in the internet.

Maggie Cats said...

She is fine with it.