Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Worst Weekend Ever

It started out nice. Friday night after work Jay, Josh, and I had dinner at the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe located in the basement of the Natural History Museum. The food was excellent, the bar stocked, and the music of the latin jazz variety. After dinner we trooped upstairs for a showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the IMAX. Yes, folks, after traveling all the way to Hampton, Virginia to see this show two months ago, it plays in my very own backyard. But the movie was just as good as it was the first few times I saw it, and the night was enjoyable. As Jay put it, "this is the best three-way date I've ever had." Word.

Then, disaster struck. Disaster in the form of 9 inches of snow dumped upon us. While the snow did not stick to the streets, and began to melt almost immediately, sometime after midnight, the power at my house was knocked out. That's right folks. 2 days with no heat and no electricity. Also known as SUBURBAN HELL. The temperature in the house at night was about 30 degrees (my nose was so cold) and there was nothing to do. Sure I listened to some podcasts, did my nails, read some books (all while huddled in front of the fireplace), I could not venture beyond the fire's heat and light to perform any of the chores I had hoped to get done this weekend. And without the comforting buzz of my electronics, things were quiet. Too quiet.

Mom and I made every excuse to get out of the house--we needed some warm food, there's a good movie playing at the multiplex, I need to drop off some paperwork--nothing could erase the displeasure one feels when forced out of one's home because it is too freaking cold to stay there. Of course, the fact that Mom and I bickered like old women the whole time did nothing to alleviate our troubles.

Finally, around 5:00 Monday evening, the power came back on. The heater pumped out hot air, we could open the refrigerator without fear of spoiling the milk, and I could get my Veronica Mars tape out of the VCR. I am sure the Amish are laughing at our display of wussitude, but come on. We can expect a few simple comforts in this day and age, right?

Mom's Quote of the Day: "It could have been worse, at least nobody got cancer or died this weekend."

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