Friday, February 17, 2006

What exactly is a triple Salchow?

It's nice to know that I still rate a "miss" on the greeting-o-meter. I scored a "here you go, miss" at the CVS and the Subway. HA! Take that! No ma'am for me!

Caroline and I have finally figured it out. Think of the Ann Rice vampire novels...Louis is to Lestat as Rudy Galindo is to Johnny Weir. As Caroline so eloquently put it, "Johnny Weir is a vampire. He blew through fey, catapulted right over queer, and has become Lestat." Well played, Johnny, well played. The man names his ICE SKATNG CONSTUMES people. Austin Scarlett would be proud.

"I'm a swan, wheeeee!"

But please don't get me wrong. I love figure skating! It is the one winter Olympic sport I will make sure I don't miss (except for ice dancing, that shit is lame). And Evan Lysacek (who came in fourth, good for him!) is a hottie. And I am almost 80% sure he is straight, so whoo! Last night's competition was interesting, but we were shut out of the medals. There's always next time! And how can you not like Johnny Weir? He's a true character and is always entertaining. So you keep on being yoself Johnny.

Am I the only one who has wondered what is the difference between all those skating jumps? No? Good.

PS: My overuse of caps seems to have evolved into an overuse of exclamation points. You would think I was a teeny bopper from reading this post. Yikes.

Mom's Quote of the Day: "Curling really is an awesome sport. And when else are you going to see men holding brooms?"

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garcialand said...

Ha ha ha my thought exactly... I thought John Weir was a vampire. He's kinda look weird, goes with his name :) Watched him last night he missed the jump... He didn't push himself to get those extra points. No wonder now Norway is No. 1 with Gold Medals.

Sri said...

I hate that Johnny boy. He's so mean. Also, his clothes are much prettier than mine. *grumble grumble*