Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Michigan: Where the people hate the gays, but love their unions! Go figure.

So I wrote this huge long post where I said everything I did on my trip to Michigan and then blogger ate it. ATE IT. As in, it's gone. Well, sorry dudes. I am not typing that shit all over again. So here are the pics:

This are Bill's friends Eric and Diane, and their new baby, Rebecca. She is the cutest thing ever. She's so wee!

This is me and Amanda, my bf from high school, at this awesome chocolate shop in Ann Arbor. Amanda, Bill, and I went out Friday night and had a fab dinner at this restaraunt called "Gratzi!" which totally makes me think of some gay dude running into the street, throwing up his hat Mary Tyler Moore style, and shouting "GRATZI!" We then went back to Amanda's lovely (but very beige, girl needs to paint a wall) apartment and watched Rent. And the three hour documentary about Jonathan Larson. Jesus, it was long, and depressing.

On Saturday, Bill, Amanda, Nathan, Holly, and I went to Canada for dinner. Yes folks, we went to another country. For dinner. It was cool. As Bill said "Detroit never looks better than when you are looking at it from another country." We went to a very posh restaurant and then to an Irish pub with a live Celtic band. We took pics down by the river separating Canada from Detroit.

Bill's on the left and Nathan is on the right. He's making a freaky face, but he's really nice. I swear. And he almost spit up his drink about 10 times when I would say something amusing. Like it's my fault he chooses to drink when I am trying to be charming?

Other random Michigan thoughts:

--I got to drive stick again, and I mean on a car, you sickos. I totally rocked out, no stalling, so lurching, it was like falling off a horse, or riding a bike. Whichever.

--All of Bill's friends are having babies and some of them are YOUNGER than me. Weird. But I just got out of school! This is what I tell myself so I don't feel bad.

--It is cold in Michigan. I was cold the whole time. And I'm sorry, I was not being a wuss. When it's 20 degrees outside BEFORE the wind blows, it is effing cold.

Bill's Quote of the Day:

Bill: When we get back to the house, we can watch "Secondhand Lions!"
Me: *gagging noises*
Bill: I love how you support me in all my endeavors.

Mom's Quote of the Day: "When I interview with Warren he will probably ask me 'how do you plan to get over this personality defect where nobody likes you?' and I'm going to say, 'you are full of shit, Warren!"

Currently Watching: "Lost" Gah, I am so mainstream. But I am ONLY watching Lost because Veronica Mars is a rerun and I am pissed about the second hiatus.

Currently Reading: "The Lincoln Lawyer" by Michael Connelly

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