Sunday, March 05, 2006

Michael Freaking Buble!

Friday was the big day. After months of anticipation, Michael Freaking Buble (Boo-blay) performed at DAR Constitution Hall in DC. Arista had planned on accompanying me, but she was called away for a job interview in Charlotte, North Carolina. While I am vexed she is considering moving to such a far away locale, I have decided not to give her too much crap over it. I think she and Mike want to buy a large home for all the children and/or cats they are planning on having, and housing costs are much more reaonable there. Or maybe she just hates us. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one.

Anyhoo, it seemed like everyone in the free world had plans for Friday night, but Chris came through in a pinch and accompanied me, despite his dog Phoebe giving birth that night to her second litter of puppies. Thankfully, his devoted partner K-Fed (aka Kent) was home to watch over the expectant mother. Get hot water and towels! (question--what do people do with the hot water in those situations? I guess wash the baby when it comes out all slimy. But I digress.)

We went to dinner at Bertucci's on Connecticut Avenue and then cabbed down to Constitution Hall where we had to stand outside in the cold until they opened the doors. Our seats turned out to be awesome, diagonally off the stage and in the top row. We could see the entire stage and had a great view of Michael.

Michael was sporting a black Hugo Boss suit with a purple button down shirt underneath. I know this because he and his band did a faux runway show. It was pretty hot. This is in addition to his Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson impressions. Oh, yes, there was crotch grabbing. He performed his usual stage antics, running into the audience for hugs and pictures, talking to members of the audience from the stage, cracking jokes through the set, and allowing his band to shine with a fab rendition of "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing." He is a class act. I think I almost swooned a couple times.

But the best part was the very end of the concert. At his second encore, Michael abandoned his mike and sang the last verse of his song (basically a valentine to the audience for their love and support) acapella. The entire hall was silent as he simply stood on stage and sang to us. We could hear every word and it really was an amazing moment. Sigh. I love him so.

I had concocted this elaborate fantasy in my head, where I was wandering about the hall looking for the bathroom or something, and I just happened to bump into him and drop my bag. He, of course, stopped to help me pick things up, and then one thing led to another and he invited me to travel with him on tour. Alas, it was not to be.

Michael Freaking Buble quote of the day: "I'm so happy to be back in Washington. Last time I was here, the Post gave me a great review, saying I sang like a bird. And while that was really nice of them, it kind of made me nervous to come back, because I may sing like a bird, but I hope Dick Cheney doesn't mistake me for one."

Michael Freaking Buble quote of the day part deux: "I want to thank you men for coming out tonight. I know your girlfriends and wives dragged you out here. Look at this way, I put air in the tires, and you get to ride her all the way home."

He is quite raunchy you know. And it's hott.

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