Monday, March 06, 2006

Dear Jon, you rock! Smooches, Maggie.

It does seem a bit strange all the praise Hollywood seems to lavish on itself. But we still love it, and we still watch it. Although judging from the ratings, not enough people watch it. But personally, I thought Jon Stewart was one of the best Oscar hosts I have ever seen. But I bet he played better on the tv than he did live. Sarcastic, sharp wit aside, Jon Stewart does have a quiet elegance about him. And he looked so darn cute in a tux! Speaking of tuxes and looking good, here are some of picks from Oscar night gowns:

Oh, and P.S. my best dressed overall pick is Meryl Streep. But I cannot for the life of me find a good picture of her and her dress. I'll keep lookin! But if you saw her, you know she looked AMAZING.

He's so cute! Can I take him home? Please??

Reese FINALLY gets it right after her fashion debacles at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards. She bought her vintage Dior in Paris and had it restored back in the States. Her hair, make-up, and jewelry all look perfect. And I do not know what Tim Gunn was smoking when he said this dress looked "dowdy." Bravo, Reese!

If Selma had pulled her hair back and tossed on a necklace, I probably would have given her best dressed. I just don't get the bare neck look. You people are rich, so wrap yourself in diamonds! Show us how the other half lives!

Mom's Oscar Quote of the Day (during the Oscar telecast):

Marie Curie "We have discovered a new element!"
Mom: "And now we will get cancer!"

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