Monday, March 20, 2006

St. Patrick's Day 2006

Ah, St. Patrick's Day. When everyone is Irish, and the people who are actually Irish look down on those pretending to be Irish. It's great! And to add to the wonderfulness, Eric and Selvi came into town for a mini-bridge club reunion. Alas, Chris was on his cruise (screw him!) but at least we got to see Hehe.

Eric arrived on Thursday night. But there is much more to the story than that. Apparently some very responsible DC National Airport employee "thought" he "might" have seen "something resembling" a box cutter on someone who had already passed through security. So they shut down the terminal. AND made everyone who had already been through security go back through and get rescanned. Which means no flights left DC for about 3 hours. Unfortunately for me, when I checked the internet for the flight status it said "On Time." As in, come on down sucker, nothing to see here, your friend will be here on time! And of course I don't get Eric's messages telling me his flight hadn't even left yet until I am standing in the terminal. So I went home and watched Supernatural in the meantime. Booyah!

On Friday morning Selvi joined us and we went to a local high school to see the William and Mary Wind Symphony (formerly Concert Band, but apparently they are too cool for that now). It was fun and the band sounded amazing. And I swear to god, the following conversation took place:

Selvi: GO PETE!
Random School Official: We are trying to discourage the kids from doing that.
Selvi: *shame*
Pete: Oh my god kill me now.

Here is a picture of Eric, Selvi, and I with some of the current band kids. Aren't they cute??!!

And then here is my and Andrew. I haven't decided how I feel about the facial hair yet. Redheads unite!

Friday afternoon-night we spent at an Irish pub in Old Town Alexandria called Murphy's. It was PACKED and there was quite a police presence (as you can see in the pics). But we scored a sweet spot by the window which allowed for a breeze and not too much crowding for the slack jawed (drunken) yockels. There was much alcohol consumed, but we kicked it old school, because my MOM drove us and picked us up. That's right, my Mom drove her 26 year old drunken daughter around. She rocks.

Saturday was bridge day! We trekked out to Hehe's place in Herndon (or as I affectionately call it, Purgatory) and played some bride! See below. Selvi was craving some veggies I guess. But really, she should have left the tree alone.

Eric's contemplating his cards.

Hehe and Selvi!

Me: When was your last car accident?
Selvi: That wasn't an accident! It was a minor mishap.
Me: Yeah, it wasn't an accident, you meant to drive into that ditch.

Oh, and did I mention that last week Josh and Donna totally made out on The West Wing? It's like John Wells finally listened to the psychic vibrations I was sending his way. Either that or he was afraid I would fly out to LA and KICK HIS ASS.

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Sri said...

This is the worst sort of yellow journalism ... for a more accurate account, see my blog!

- Selvi