Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jeremy Irons?? HELL YEAH!

So, I'm watching Kingdom of Heaven. And I was sitting here thinking it wasn't that bad. And then Jeremy Irons came on. And it instantly got upgraded to pretty good. Because how much does Jeremy Irons rock? He rocks so much I will watch the following movies because he is in them: The Man in the Iron Mask, Die Hard III: Die Hard With a Vengeance, and Dungeons and Dragons. I'd pretty much watch him sit in a chair and flip through a magazine (as long as he was reading out loud). Because the main attraction of Jeremy Irons is his voice. Sigh, remember him as Scar in The Lion King? Good times!

In concert related news, I scored tickets to see Jewel and Kelly Clarkson this summer. It's getting positively Lillith in here. But girls kick ass. So woot!

Oh, and look for an entry about Arista's wedding coming later this week. I need to get my picture CD back from CVS. Yes folks, I am still not in the digital age. So you will wait for my pictues. WAIT I SAY!

Mom's Birthday Quote of the Day

Gordon: Everybody gets to march or demonstrate for something. There should be a march for the Good Old Boys.
Mom: There is. They're called the KKK.

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