Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Maybe I Am a Good Lawyer

Today I got my first Outstanding rating on a case write-up. Whee! Here at the Board, an attorney can receive three possible ratings on a case: Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, and Outstanding. And today I got my first Outstanding! *happy dance in cubicle which suspiciously resembles the Snoopy dance*

I also had my six month review last week, and I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous. I have been going through a phase where I had been doubting my skillz as an attorney, a lot of my cases were being heavily revised by my judge, and I just felt kind of down. But then I had my review and received all Successful ratings (out of either Successful or Unsuccessful)! I am "conscientious in [my] approach and cooperative in all [my] relationships. Ms. Riley is an asset to team and to the Board."

I'm an asset! Take THAT high school gym class people picking me last. I am conscientious and an asset. Oh, snap!

Mom Quote of the Day: "Have you updated your blog lately? What's my quote of the day? I need to think of something funny to say!"

Currently Listening To: "We Used to be Friends" from the Dandy Warhols. Not only is this the best song ever because it is the Veronica Mars theme song, it was also featured in the Wonderfalls episode I watched last night. Awesome.

Currently Watching: I'm at work! Duh.

PS: I switched the background here to a darker color. Let me know if you prefer the white background. I can't decide! I think the darkness adds an air of mystery and class, but it is kind of harder to read.

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