Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ripped From the Headlines

I don't usually use this blog to respond to news items, but as I was riding the Metro to work this week and reading my Washington Post Express, some of the articles really got to me. To wit:

The Spanish National Anthem Controversy. Are people really pissed off about this? Here we have a group of people who originally hail from other countries, who want to celebrate how much they love America. And because they haven't learned English yet (and seriously, English is like THE most difficult language to learn) they have to sing it in Spanish. Shouldn't we be happy that immigrants love America? Shouldn't we be happy that they don't want to blow up buildings? Let them sing about loving this country in any language they want. Maybe we should learn how to sing it in Spanish too.

Palestinians Face Financial Crunch. This makes me laugh. Here is a government that was elected on the platform of wanting to wipe Israel off the map and has known terrorist ties. And then, when the international community, including America, cuts off their aid money, they whine about how they can't pay their employees. Umm, hello? Palestine? This is called biting that mouth that feeds you. Do they really want to bitch about how Israel stopped collecting tax money from Palestinian nationals? You can't run around telling people you want to nuke your neighbor and then expect your neighbor to pay for your government. While not everyone in Palestine voted for Hamas, I can't drum up a lot of sympathy for the people who did. You made your bed, now you gotta lie in it.

Overheard on the Metro: "This train smells like chicken! It takes a black person to know. Who's got that chicken? Can I get some?" (the young lady in question then went on to describe how she fashioned weapons from her toiletry items while at Juvenile Hall)

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Jennifer said...

Uh-oh...cannot resist political

While I have no problem with the idea of signing the national anthem in spanish to "show their love for America" as you stated, the version that has been recorded and publicized acutally changed some of the words and became a polical message. It includes a line stating "We must break the chains that hold us." There's also a "re-mix" scheduled for release next month that includes a rap: Let's not start a war; With all these hard workers; They can't help where they were born."

This is not simply an educational tool for the poor-non-english's a rally song for the immigration issue. For Shame!

In other news.....Mike and I have made an offer on a townhouse! Maybe we'll have a REAL place when you get out here!!

Sri said...

I don't know enough about either of these issues to really comment, but I do have one thing to say - if Palestine is biting the mouth that feeds it, international relations are far kinker that I ever dreamed. Where's that newspaper?