Sunday, January 08, 2006

Road Trip

Just got back from Williamsburg, where I got to visit Carl! Yay Carl! I was a total bum and missed his birthday (which was in November) so I went down to have some fun and assuage my guilt. And Caroline came with, despite the fact she swore in blood never to return to the 'burg. And we had a great time. Woo!

Thus beginnith the rant of how I love Carl: because he knows what I am talking about when I say, "That's the chick from Poltergeist: The Legacy!" Because he drinks black currant cider (best ever y'all), because he listens to PotterCast, because he knows what an ISBN number is, because he will sing Rent with me in a hotel parking lot, and because I personify his SOUL! Thus endeth the rant.

While in Williamsburg, I stayed at the same hotel Chris and I stayed at a few weeks ago. And the same creepy front desk dude was there, with the same creepy trench coat. Everytime I go in there to see him, I feel like I'm interrupting his Dungeons and Dragons game or something. But, Big Apple Bagels makes everything better...yum jumbo muffins!

Caroline and I spent a lot of time last night talking about how we are lame now that we are old. I'll be 26 in less than a month, mark Feb. 3 on your calendars! But I figured it out. I had the same amount of fun starting drinking early and going to bed at midnight last night that I did being out until four in the morning in college. And I measure life in fun (and love of course) so I don't think we're lame. As long as we're having fun! Plus, in the morning we weren't super-tired, we weren't hung over, and my head wasn't in the toilet all day. So, I think we're going ok.

Currently Watching: Nip/Tuck pilot (from Netflix)
Currently Reading: Inkheart still (it's only been like two days, cut a sistah some slack)

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