Monday, January 16, 2006

He had a dream, and I get the day off....seems fair.

Happy MLK day! Martin Luther King day is one of the best holidays. A great man who deserves to be remembered. And federal holidays mean the day off...whoo!

This has been quite an active weekend. On Saturday night I went to a DC staple, Brickskellers. It's a pub just outside Dupont Circle that has a beer list with over 100 selections. It was just like going back to my favorite pub in Scotland. I had the most amazing drink (it sounds gross but is delicious)it's half Guinness beer and half cider. Yum! Then I had a couple Blackthorne's...we were all kind of silly by the end of the night. Which was good because the walk back to the Metro was FREEZING. But I don't really remember all of it. So, that's a plus. And I got to see Jay, Carly, and Tony. Old school peeps hang out time! It's difficult making time for the high school friends, the college friends, and the law school friends. I have also learned that sometimes mixing groups does not go well.

Today I met up with Monique and we went to the National Archives. The best parts were the "Charters of Freedom." In the main rotunda are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Call me a history buff and a geek but there is something thrilling about seeing those historical documents. Dude, I saw John Adams' signature! ACK! Did I just squee over the founding fathers? I think I did. At least I own it.

Then we hit the Landmark E Street Cinema, THE place for independent movies in DC. I had never been there before, but it's nice. Dupont Circle theatre shows independent movies, but it's kind of squeevy. Like, that wet patch on the floor? Might be soda...might be something else. You just step over it and hope for the best. Moe and I saw "Pride and Prejudice" and it was just as awesome as the first time. Sometimes I can be such a girl. I sit through the whole thing with a grin on my face. Why can't we all speak in posh British accents and wear waistcoats and walk through the English countryside? I mean, if I lived in a place with those peaks and meadows I would be out there all the time walking around. Not sitting in my basement watching "Center Stage." It's no Hartfordshire.

All in all a lovely three day weekend. And there are more to come. I just signed up for the Alternate Work Schedule, which means I do 9 hour days and get every other Monday off. Y'all, if you get a chance to work for the federal government, TAKE IT.

Currently Reading: "Naked" by David Sedaris

Currently Watching: "Center Stage" best dance movie ever. But the Director's commentary sucks.

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