Tuesday, January 10, 2006

God, Thy Name is Stewart, Jon

As I am sure you have all heard, Jon Stewart is hosting this year's Oscars. Woo! So I have Jon Stewart on the brain. And THEN I hear about David Letterman supposedly smacking down Bill O'Reilly. Which I thought was not really smacking, more of a light tap on the shoulder. As much as I dislike him, I had to give Bill credit for remaining calm and cool while the audience and Dave were clearly against him. But I digress.

Jon Stewart delivered the ultimate conservative smackdown in 2004 when he took down Tucker Carlson on CNN's now-defunct "Crossfire." I have a feeling "Crossfire" is no longer part of the tv schedule in no small part due to Jon's appearance. I had not seen the entire appearance until I stumbled over a clip, and it's awesome. I mean, seriously people. He is so rad.

Go Jon Go!

He starts off very nice, with his usual dry sense of humor. And he really doesn't get mean until Tucker says he's not funny. And you DO NOT call Jon Stewart un-funny. That is just wrong. And then the real smacking begins. Take THAT Tucker, you and your dumb bowtie. BOOM! POW! Very ala Batman the old tv series. I kept waiting for the moment when Jon would mount him and show him who's boss! Although that would not air on CNN, that would be more appropriately on pay-per-view. And you know I would pay for that shit.

In other news...Selvi has become quite sassy lately. Being on her own in Richmond has inspired her to become more independent. Now, the ever present dilemma. Do I rejoice in her newfound confidence or mourn her now absent hero-worshiping of me? I will choose.....rejoice! But only because my New Years resolution was to be a nicer person. You go Selvster! Don't take crap from anyone, including me! As she so eloquently put it last night, "A true alpha female would not need to tell everyone what she was." Touche, Selvi, touche. Bitch.

And now just because I have the technology and really how can I not share this:

Geez Jensen. Bore a hole in my soul with your eyes why don't you? That was for you Moe!

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