Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweet Set-up and OMG how can my trip be only 2 weeks away??

Labor Day. The supposed last hurrah of summer (except it will stay hot for a good 4 weeks around here). The time of BBQs, festivals, and being stuck in traffic. Although hopefully I'll be able to avoid one of those this weekend.

The highlight of this labor day weekend, other than not having to go to work on Monday, was going to Doug's new pad for a housewarming/pool party. And this place is SWEET. Since Doug works way the hell out in BFE Manassas, he needed to find a place out there. So he ended up renting a room out of a house belonging to an older couple (maybe in their 40s?). But it's not just a house. It's a freakin MANSION. This place is so huge, their rec room is the size of my entire condo. And it comes with a super nice pool with a diving board. And a hot tub. And a landscaped patio, huge flat screen tv, and bar. Yeah, this place was nice.

And it comes along just in a nic of time, since my pool is officially closing for the season after this weekend. So at least someone I know will have a pool! Now I just need to work on the art of inviting myself over in a casual, yet manipulative fashion. Hmm.

Best quote of the party:

Me: It's all girls in the pool! What's the opposite of a sausage party?
Selvi: A clam bake?

Oh, and here is a fun pic from the party. After the sun set we moved inside and listened to music, which ended up with all the girls dancing around, because that's what girls do when they have been drinking and someone puts on AC/DC. We eventually convinced some of the boys to come over and pose for a picture with us, but some of them clearly tried harder than others.

And here's me and Carly in the pool. Nice!

The other thing I realized this weekend is that my vacation cruise through the eastern Mediterranean is only two weeks away! I have been planning this trip with Chris and Kent for almost two years, and the idea that it is almost here is mind-boggling. We're actually going to do it. And I have so much to do to get ready! There are lists to be made, things to procure, Italian phrase flashcards to learn (I am so not kidding about that one), and a myriad of other details to sort out. But the fact is, the day is almost here, and it has totally snuck up on me.

I hope our cruise ship doesn't get attacked by pirates.

Cruise countdown: 14 days!!

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