Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Games of a Trivial Nature

My law school buddies and I are always talking about how we should hang out more. So this month instead of just saying it, we decided to do it. Usually, us girls have a poker night once a month, but in addition to that, we decided to bring back the old law school tradition of trivia night. I'm talking balls out trivia smackdown here, people. For the most part, this month's trivia night was a gentleman's game, except for that one little argument over the difference between polygamy and bigamy in Utah law. I wish I was kidding.

It was a close game, the lead switched back and forth in the beginning, but the team comprised of me, Arista, Todd, and Monique ended up taking the lead by two pie pieces. We made it to the center several times, but missed the last question. Because of some lucky rolls and (in my opinion) easy questions, the team comprised of Mike, Lori, Dave, and Dori ended up vaulting to the win at the last minute, snatching victory out of our hungry maws!

Ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic. The point is, we were winning until the very end when they won.

But the highlight of the night was without a doubt, my discovery of the ultimate party snack. Rolos on top of square pretzels, stuck in the oven for 2-3 minutes. Juuuust enough so that the rolo gets all gooey, but it stays on top of the pretzel. And when you bite into it, the rolo is all chocolatey and caramely....awesome.

Much like Friday night, Nate's fashion choice was again the source of much amusement. He's clearly waiting for a flood. It makes me feel bad for teasing him, I mean he's really tall, but maybe he should look for some longer pants? That's all I'm saying.

Sitting around, having a good time, playing some Trivial Pursuit. Ok, maybe really just chit-chatting, but the board game was definitely set up.

Monique had brought over a car seat for Mike and Arista (since they are expecting their first baby in January), and if you look really carefully, you can see how uber excited Mike is to get it. Aw, bless him.


Eric said...

seriously, yo, lay off him. Finding clothes that fit right when you're tall is tough.

Maggie Cats said...

HAHA. Shut it, beanpole.