Monday, August 18, 2008

Clue, Daleks, and an Oxford Comma

This past weekend, Kristin and I journeyed to Charlottesville to visit Selvi and meet up with Jeff, Andi, and Pete. It was a regular bridge club reunion! Except we didn't actually play any bridge.

What we did do was visit this huge bookfair that is off of I-81, just south of JMU. It's held in a warehouse, and we found new releases and some old favorites at huge discounts ($6-3 for hardback books!). Check it:

Jeff and Andi outside the book fair warehouse.

Here is one of the rooms (the smaller one). Look at all those books!!

Andi was tuckered out from the book shopping.

After returning from the book fair, Andi and Jeff had to hit the road and head back to Salem, but Pete came over and the four of us (Selvi, Pete, me, and Kristin) played Clue and Yahtzee, drank, and discussed the Oxford Comma. We are a wild bunch, aren't we? But it was good times. I definitely got my ass kicked at Clue, but nobody ever believes me when I tell them I am bad at deductive reasoning. You would think lawyer = good logic skills. And you would be wrong.

After some gaming action, we embarked on a cooking project, making dalek-shaped cupcakes, take 2. And by "we" I mean Selvi, because the rest of us were basically too lazy to actually make the cupcakes. Here are the results:


If you don't know what a dalek is, this is not the forum to find out. Suffice it to say, they are evil and need to be destroyed. As Selvi so helpfully demonstrated:


In honor of our daleks, we watched the Doctor Who episode Blink, which actually doesn't feature daleks, but is so freaking scary, Selvi and Kristin were screaming and almost fell off the couch. I am not kidding.

The next day, we lazed about, walked through the grounds of UVA (which is pretty, but cannot compare to WM, of course) and ate at a Charlottesville staple, Littlejohns Deli.


It was a fun weekend all in all. But who the crap decided it was a good idea to shut down part of 29 South on a Saturday morning in the middle of summer? We had to drive a good 25 minutes in some lame detour through Nowheresville Virginia. At least gas is cheap. Oh, wait. Shit.

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