Saturday, September 19, 2009

Victory is Mine!

Fetch me the finest muffins in the land, for victory is mine! For the first time, I have successfully changed my tire. All by myself!

Now, chances are you are thinking two things. If you are a dude, you are thinking: Jesus, Maggie, how could you not know how to change a freaking tire? That is so pathetic. If you are a chick you are probably thinking: OMG, Maggie, that is awesome! I couldn't change a tire to save my life.

I consider myself a pretty independent person, but I've always had a blind spot when it came to cars. It's sad, because I drive around in one everyday, but I really have no idea how they work, how to fix them, or how to do more than check the oil and put air in the tires. I've had probably about five flat tires in my life, and everytime I've had to have them changed by a cop, AAA tow truck guy, or a kind stranger.

But all that has changed. My friend Patrick from LA was visiting and we were headed out to dinner when we walked to my car and saw the flat. Sigh. It was just sitting there all flat and mocking me.

Now Patrick has the worst car luck of anyone I know and has therefore developed extensive automotive repair knowledge. Unfortunately, he had a broken hand. So it was all up to me. But with Patrick's direction, I was able to set up the jack, take off the lug nuts, put on the spare, tighten the nuts again, lower the jack and voila! Changed tire!

I am now confident that I can change the tire on my own next time and will no longer be reduced to a helpless whimpering female just because my tire picks up a piece of metal from road construction. Like I said, victory is mind!

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