Monday, September 14, 2009

Diary of a Kitchen Remodel: Demolition

This is what happens when you watch too much HGTV. I had all these visions of a crew with sledgehammers pounding the crap out of my cabinets and ripping them off the walls in a cloud of dust and dirt. The reality of demo day was much different.

Two guys showed up with their tools, unpacked the new cabinets, and unscrewed the old. They came out from the wall easy, no mess, no fuss. They swept up after themselves, and the kitchen is now devoid of cabinets and counters. The whole thing took maybe 4 hours, tops.

While much more convenient, it is much less exciting.

Tomorrow the plan is to mount the upper and base cabinets with the crown molding, toe kicks, and end panels going in Wednesday. By Wednesday evening I'll be able to put everything back into the kitchen!

The new cabinets, unpacked and waiting in the living room.

The old cabinets lined up on the way to the elevator.

The now empty kitchen!

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