Thursday, September 17, 2009

Diary of a Kitchen Remodel: Door and Crown Molding

....And then the next day I came home and the cabinets had doors, the crown molding and toe kicks were up, and I had what felt like an entirely new kitchen. A grown-up kitchen. A kitchen with lots of wood.

And I mean LOTS of wood.

That's what she said. Heh.

But seriously folks, the change was a little overwhelming. I just kind of stood there speechless (does manic giggling count as speechless?) because everything looked so different. It's one thing to see the plans on paper, but to actually walk in and see the new look. Shocking. But in a good way!

Although now I realize how drabby the wall color looks, and I think I'm going to have to add a backsplash, just for funsies. I'm going to chat about it with my handyman guy when he comes to this afternoon to install the new counter-top. After the counter-top goes in, the contractors come back, make sure everything looks good, and then reconnect the sink and dishwasher. And I'll finally have my kitchen back! But better than ever.

Pics of the cabinets with doors, molding, etc:

Align CenterI think the wine rack on the top makes it look kind of like a castle.

And my contractors clearly have a sense of humor since they left me a little gift in the dust on my coffee table:

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Sooo pretty!