Friday, September 18, 2009

Diary of a Kitchen Remodel: Counter-tops

The counter-tops are in! My handyman, a 70-something neighbor of my mother whose daughter used to babysit me) cut the stock laminate counter-tops yesterday and installed them this morning.

By stock counter-tops I mean that I marched my ass into Home Depot and bought two six foot length laminate counter-tops off the rack. This was WAY cheaper than getting custom counters or using granite (which I don't like anyway) and since I basically blew my wad on the cabinets I needed a cheaper alternative for the counter-tops. Since my kitchen is so small, I didn't need anything fancy, and these just needed a few simple cuts to fit on top of the cabinets.

Enough babbling! Here's how they look!

My contractor is coming back on Monday to take care of the finishing touches and rehook up the sink and dishwasher. Then I'll have a fully functioning kitchen!

The last step will be repainting and installing the backsplash, due to happen at the end of the month. Hurray!

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