Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring is upon us

This year, I was afraid DC weather would do it's typical tap dance: skipping right over Spring. We would get maybe a week of weather in the 60s and 70s, and then we would be right into the humid bitch that is Summer.

This past weekend didn't really do much to assuage my fears: late April and it was already 90 freaking degrees. And since my air conditioning doesn't kick on until tomorrow, it meant that I spent the weekend slowly roasting to death in my condo. I couldn't really leave since I had put off doing all my chores and housework for that weekend, so me = screwed.

But! Blessedly the weather has cooled off again, and the other harbinger of Spring (other than the cherry blossoms) has returned! I am of course speaking of thunder storms.

I love thunder storms. I love sitting on my balcony and watching them roll in. The wind picks up, the temperature drops, the air feels heavy with the promise of rain....and I love the anticipation of when the rain drops will actually fall.

When I was a kid and a storm would approach, I would pretend that I was a character in some natural disaster movie (think Twister) and would turn my face to the wind, let my hair blow around, and stare meaningfully into the distance as if I was sensing some kind of oncoming danger. Yes, I was a giant dork, but I bet most of us have done the same at some point, right?



Anyway, just such a storm rolled in last week, and I snapped some pics from my balcony! Enjoy!

Edge of the storm.

Cloud cover.

Rain falling over the trees of Fort Ward.

Random heart-shaped balloon caught in the winds.

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