Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nebraska: Where the Cows Are

Last week, I was in Lincoln, Nebraska for work. While travelling there I learned several things about myself, Nebraska as a whole, and life in general.

1. I am, in fact, an East Coast liberal snob.

2. They keep the good beef, and ship us the leftovers. Damn, I had some good steak!'

3. It's possible to go into culture shock by being surrounded by white people. Very nice white people, but all white people nonetheless. Everyone in the service industry in Lincoln is a well-mannered white college student. Even my taxi cab driver.

4. Seafood is not "fresh" if it has to travel in a plane to get to you.

5. I had no idea single roads could stretch so far and be so straight.

6. People in the Midwest are actually very nice and much more relaxed...but that does not make them right.

7. I need me some rolling green hills to be happy.

8. Flying out of tiny airports is the best.

9. My perspective of how far away things are was all screwed up since the land is so flat. Example: "Oh, I see the grocery store up ahead on the left.....and we're still driving.....and we're still driving....ok, we should be there by now, but no."

10. Grain elevators look strange. And the locals like to talk about when they break and they have to flee the falling grain so as not to get crushed.

11. I can rock a University of Nebraska corn cob hat.

Told you.


Monkey Sri said...

That makes your head look like a giant yellow penis.


I mean, in a good way.

AndyE said...

Lobster, shipped live, can be fresh anywhere.

TFTDB said...

That green shirt sets off the corn hat nicely. . .BTW, Who has a corn hat just sitting around the office?

Maggie Cats said...

People who went to the University of Nebraska. They carry them with them everywhere! :o)