Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Atlantic City!

I finally got around to uploading my most recent pics from my camera, and I realized I have so much to share! Most recently, my trip this past weekend to Atlantic City with Chris and Kent. That's right! The travelling trio reunites for a quick mini-break one nighter at Las Vegas' older more scuzzy sister.

Driving into town on a cloudy Sunday.

I've been to Atlantic City I think five or six times, mostly with Chris and Kent. They love gambling, so they get free hotel stays on weeknights (including Sunday). Since the three of us get Mondays off every so often, it works out pretty well.

Two things of note on the drive up. First, I randomly saw a guy with a donkey. No, that is not a euphemism. You know how the suburbs have built right up to I-95? I was looking into a cul-de-sac and I saw a dude with a donkey in the road. At first I thought it was like a wooden donkey or something, but then it moved. It was a real donkey.

The second story is more gross. Chris noticed a car on the side of the road with some girl standing next to it. Right at the moment he looked over, he figured out why the car was on the side of the road. Because one of the passengers was getting sick, and happened to upchuck right when he looked over. Fun, right?

Moving on....this trip we stayed at Harrahs Marina, which is off the boardwalk so it's a little less crowded. But the BIG draw is their huge indoor heated pool. There are cabanas and hot tubs all around the sides and the servers will bring your drinks right to the edge of the pool.

Living the good life.

Chris and Kent (and me, let's be honest) love the slots. The good news is, they let my push the button occasionally when they're playing so I don't have to wager my own meager funds.

Kent won $229 at the quarter slots. Here's his winning ticket. THEN at around 6 in the morning on Monday he won another $200. And proceeded to wake me up by slapping be on the ass to tell me about it. Here's the full conversation:

Kent: *slaps ass* Guess what?
Kent: I won $200!
Me: Sweet! *snore*

All in all, it was a perfect mini-break, and we definitely plan on going back to the Marina. And the awesome outlet stores certainly helped. Retail therapy, FTW!

One last look at the pool!

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TFTDB said...

Alas, I have never been to Atlantic City. I'm not a gambler but the pool looks nice!