Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'll Make a Brand New Start of It

I realized I had not yet imparted to the masses the celebratory post-bar trip to New York City. Picture this: "the perfect bride-to-be," Jennifer, "the human equivalent of Encyclopedia Britannica," Paul, "I'm tall, Indian, and hot and you better not forget it or I'll bitch slap yo ass", Selvi, and "chock-full-of-foibles" me. All of us in a car for 5 hours there, 5 hours back and 2 days together and WE SURVIVED. Always a good sign when friendships can endure long trips. To this day the only person I have spent a huge amount of time with and not wanted to kill is Patrick ('sup patricio).

So we all gathered in the mecca of the stage for some good old fashioned theatre. Monty Python's Spamalot. Hell yeah. And luckily scored some last minute tickets to Rent. I think Jennifer fell in love with Roger and I fell in love with Mark. That guy can tango. Other than annoying ushers making us move and walk around the aisle and climb over seats when the people they were trying to seat could have just walked around to their seats (argh!) the show was great. But, turn down those mikes dude. Jesus.

The next day was Spamalot, which by the way, best show ever. No Tim Curry for me, but David Hyde Pierce and Alan Tudyk more than made up for that. All I have to say is: sparkly cod piece. It plays a large role. That is all. Unfortunately, the great Sara Rameriz did not make an appearance. But I loved the show so much I got tickets for me and my mom to see it in April. On April Fool's Day. I figure all the cast will want to be there on that day.

After spending too much money at dinner, having Selvi cut her hand on a piece of glass in her booth (welcome to new york!) and blowing far too much money at Macy's I think we were all ready to come home. Especially since I had to restrain for beating a certain member of our know who I mean. Anyways, we escaped unscathed and Selvi did a kickass job of driving in the city. Watch out supercross, here she comes!

Coming up in the next week's blog entry: Jennifer's wedding extravaganza! Will I make it down the aisle without falling? Will my dress still zip all the way up after all that chocolate? Will I totally humiliate myself giving my speech at the reception? Will Mike's groomsmen be of the cute not-creepy variety? Stay tuned!

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