Monday, August 22, 2005

Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

Here I am. First day of work. How's it going? I am sitting here updating my blog, how do you think it is going?

Here is a breakdown of the day thus far...

5:45: I wake up and look at the alarm clock. Sweet! I still have 45 minutes until my alarm goes off. The plan is to get up at 6:30, get on the treadmill, shower, eat breakfast, get on the road by 8:15.

8:13: Wake up and look at the alarm clock. Shit! I set it for 6:30pm. Jump out of bed (ignoring my recent pilates related soreness), brush teeth, brush hair, put in contacts, throw on clothes.

8:24: Leave the house. Thank god I had already picked out my outfit the night before.

8:46: Arrive at my new building (behind the Marlo furniture in Alexandria). Thank god (again) that there is no traffic in my morning commute--the key is to drive AWAY from the Wilson Bridge.

8:55: After applying make-up, proceed to security desk. I gave the security lady my contact's name. Oh, wait, he's not in today. And his replacement isn't in today. The security lady calls someone else in the office who has never heard of me. He's going to "grab my file" and then come down and get me from the lobby.

9:25: Half an hour later, the guy (who never tells me his name) shows up and takes me to the office. The woman who makes the permanent badges isn't in today (shocker) but at least I have a desk. Actually a really nice desk. They say it will take a few days for my computer and phone to be hooked up, but there already a computer and phone on the desk. Hmmm. I con the nice lady in the office next to me into using her password so I can sign on. Yay me!

11:47: I've now been sitting here for two hours and nobody has given me an assignment. Although someone did come by and said he had something very confusing (my words, not his) for me to work on, but he had to run it by "Adam" first and would get back to me after lunch. So I will proceed with my plan of surfing the internet.

Yay federal government!

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