Friday, July 29, 2005

Survival of the not-so-fittest

Well, sometimes the best you can say is: I survived. And that's pretty much how it feels. The bar is now over, it is out of my hands, and it is up to the elderly, white, male, conservative members of the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners whether I will sink or swim. I have decided to go with "cautiously optimistic" when people ask me how I did.

The exam consisted of two days, six hours each day. The first day was the essay portion where we were asked specifically about Virginia law (and a wee bit of federal law). There are 9 essays and 20 short anwer questions. I know that I bombed one of the questions but I feel pretty good about my responses to the other ones, so hopefully it all comes out in the wash. And you gotta figure everyone is going to mess up something, mine happened to be choice of law. In which I discussed neither choices nor laws. Yay me!

The second day was devoted to 200 multiple choice questions based on the "common law" also known as "dumb ass old rules that no state uses anymore so what is the point of this shit." The most difficult part of this portion of the exam is sitting still for 6 hours and wading through 200 questions. And in case you were wondering, I have no clue how I did on that portion. It's multiple choice so who the hell knows.

So that's the story of the bar exam. It sucked and now it's over. Now I can get back to my three weeks of doing nothing. Because I start my job at the SEC Labor and Employment Division on August 22. I have three weeks from yesterday to lounge around, watch movies, call the people I haven't talked to in 3 months, etc. And right now I am watching funniest game show moments on VH1. God bless America.

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