Friday, July 22, 2005

Seriously and Whatever

So, yeah. I finally broke down and created a weblog or "blog" as those crazy kids are calling them. I realized I didn't want to do one because it would distract me and then I remembered after next Wednesday I won't have anything to distract from. Because the bar will be over and I will be able to finally live as normal folk do. Or so I hear.

So hi everyone. But since I already know most of you who are reading this I will take no time to introduce myself (and honestly, why would anyone else care?). Either you get it or you don't. And right now I sure as hell don't.

I have been incommunicado with most of you this summer due to the heinous experience that is studying for the Virginia bar exam. It's one of things where if you don't do it, you really don't understand it. Example: I took my mom to the dentist the other day and the receptionist was asking me about what I was doing this summer. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Receptionist Lady: "Oh! I had to go through a similar experience to get my dental hygenist certification."

Me: "oh really (please shut up now)."

RL: "It was so hard...they showed us slides of teeth and you had to know what they were asking and which teeth they were and they didn't tell you anything. It was really hard!"

Me: "wow. (are you fucking kidding me with this???)"

RL: But I am sure you will be fine. They make review books, don't they?"

Me: "yes, thank you. (as long as I have my trusty review book I should be fine for the exam that tests me on everything I ever learned after three years of graduate school and on all the classes I couldn't fit into my schedule like will and trusts and somebody please kill me but kill this woman first so I can watch)"

So yeah, that's an example. And don't get me started on the creepy 70 year old man who started talking to me on the Metro when I pulled out my flashcards. If someone is clearly trying to learn some flashcards I would not take that as an invitation to start talking to them. But, hey, that's just me. I'm also not a 70 year old lecher who thought he would chat up the girl with the big tits.

Wow, this blogging experience is going to be so much fun! Finally I can channel all my rage and thinly veiled contempt for the world around me. Woohoo! I promise things will get more light hearted after the bar, which is next Tuesday and Wednesday for all those who were wondering (July 26-27).

In the meantime, enjoy a fun link curtesy of my twisted friend Matt. Scroll down to the bottom and watch them in order.

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