Saturday, July 23, 2005

Made to Order

May I comment for a moment on the beauty that is MTV's "Made?" This show is the perfect blend of voyeurism, emotion, comedy etc. that makes me like watching good reality shows. It doesn't have the same ick and creepy factor as "I Want a Famous Face" and it's more entertaining than the Real World (which has become a steaming pile of crap I haven't watched since the New Orleans season which was like 10 years ago. I wonder what every happened to that really hot gay dude who later went on to guest-star on Dawson's Creedk?)

Anyhoo Made is the shit. Turn it on and BOOM you are sucked in for the hour. I love the first episode they did with the chubby theatre girl who wanted to be a cheerleader, or when they turn the nerd into a "mac" as he calls himself, or the unpopular black girl who runs for student body president to get at the blonde, bitchy, A list girls. This is quality television folks. I bet all of us wish someone would have rescued us in high school and made our dreams and stickin it to 'em come true.

On another, and equally voyeristic note, what the HELL has happened to Lindsay Lohan. I mean, dude. She looks like crap. I gues it's "in" to be thin now, but for goodness sake when you look like you were just liberated from Auschwitz EAT SOMETHING. I have a plan all worked out. You hold her arms (since they are so thin now you could hold her down with your pinky) and I will force chocolate milkshake protein drinks down her throat. We'll have her looking beefcake in no time. And where is this girl's mother? When she's done posting the bond for her ex-hubbie would it kill her to take her daughter a cheeseburger joint or something? Visit the folks over at for a laugh. Watch out for the pictures though, YECH!

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